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  • Hello once more......

    ::Chaos leaned on a piller in the council room.::

    "The Warlord of Blood has returned. I left to go after my Sister, but found it would be impossible. The ruse is gone now, and I am back."

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    Gooood. Its good to have you back, now we shall once again cause Chaos and Carnage through out the galaxy...

    :: A Dark and Sinister voice rang inside Chaos's mind ::


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      Yes, and blood shall run like streams when we are done."


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        :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide looked over at Sith Knight Chaos Alexander. She had received a report that Chaos was rejoining his sister and was going to walk the path of the light.. which came as a complete shock to her. His loss was a blow to the Sith Empire because within him was much potential. But for Chaos to return so quickly.. that made her smile. For the darkness ran deep in him and not even the bond of family could break his committment to the Dark Side ::

        "I am pleased to see you once again at the Sith Empire, Chaos. Has your path of darkness in the galaxy been reaffirmed with your return here this day?"


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          "Of course Mistress. I am now here to stay. Darkness fills me, and always shall. They say blood is thinker than water. I thought she was my family. I now see my dark brothers and sisters are my family. My true blood."


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            :: Dara nodded to him ::

            "Then welcome back to your true home, Sith Knight Chaos Alexander. Your exit was hasty and your return swift, so all rank and accesses are restored at this time. You may now continue along your progressive descent down the path of darkness with your fellow comrades once again."


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              From the shadows, the now anger-ravaged Lord Konrad snorted. "You welcome this… traitor back with open arms?" He said in a low tone as he slowly started to step out from his shadowy corner. "I do not trust his word, being that he left us for the Jedi, even if briefly. How is it that we shall trust him, when he could easily be here to reveal us?

              "Even though I normally trust your judgement, Mistress Shadowtide, I now question it. As well as his loyalty."


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                "I agree with Lord Konrad, Master. One does not simply switch sides at random ... I fail to believe that he could wish to be a Jedi then so suddenly change his mind."


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                  :: The Sith Master's cool gaze shifted to two of her longtime apprentices as a small smile played upon her lips. That had learned well from her and always brought her pride. Giving a small gesture to Chaos, she spoke to the two Lords ::

                  "Then by all means, speak to Chaos and ask what it is that you would like to ask."

                  :: Dara sat back down in her council chair and took out a holopad to review while Vega and Varlon conducted their questioning ::


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                    ::Chaos smiled.::

                    "Would you rather me stay at GJO and tell them the Location of the base? Besides, I could care less if niether one of you two trusts me. The Council desides on matters such as this, and if my memory serves, both of you are not on it. If you must know, I left to try and kill my sister Xazor. I learned that she shares a Life-Bond with Marcus O'Dunn, and he would be on me in a second if I tried anything."

                    ::Chaos smiled. His garou teeth gleemed.::

                    "I can offer that info to you as a peace token though. If Xazor goes through mental pain...then Marcus does. Think of what we could do to the Mighty Jedi Master. One that can beat all of us in this room I may add. It may even be to the point that if Xazor dies, then the pain may drive Marcus insane."


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                      Var frowned at Chaos resisting the urge to backhand him for his attempt at humouring him about telling the Jedi Order, stopping short before regaining his composure. "This is not the place for humour, boy," He hissed through clenched teeth. "Also, Chaos Alexander, what proof do you have that this, Jedi Master Q'Dunn could defeat every Sith here? I see none, and distrust mere rumours. Even with your knowledge that your sister and he share a bond, it does me little good if she is not here with you so that I may take advantage of it…"


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                        ::Chaos kept smileing. Seeing the Sith Lord getting so mad pleased him. It showed he knew how, and what, buttons to press.::

                        "Why not try and take on the Jedi Master? Darth TurboGeek was his clone. A copy of the better. I am sure you know about TurboGeek atleast. I did not try and bring Xazor here for one reason. We are not allowed to bring prisoners here, and because of the life bond her and O'Dunn hold. It may have acted liek a homing beacon bring the whole GJO and New Republic down on us! I left GJO with hopes I may turn yet in her mind. That way I may be able to lead her to another place of The Council's chosing to test this. I don't think the Council would like me making a complete call on that. Why are you so untrusting Varlon? Wasn't it in this same room that you said a turn is not slow, but fast? I remember that from our arguement about Kat. You say I turned back to fast. I never left, just was working on the inside. Why worry about me? I am sure a Sith Lord has better things to do that worry over a Knight. Am I that dangerous?"


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                          Daegal merely stood in the shadows, observing what was going on. He could be heard chuckling when Chaos claimed that Marcus Q'Dunn could defeat any Sith in the room. The Sith Warrior stepped forward and nodded to each of the higher ranking members in turn, showing his obvious respect.

                          "Lord Varlon, I may be out of order here, but if I may interject a question."

                          Turning to Chaos, Daegal asked, "If you are so sure of this Jedi's strength, then why is it that you return to us?"


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                            Snorting, Var crossed his arms across his chest. "Turn twice, once to, once back, and brand yourself," He spoke, almost randomly. "A proper turn is but once in the right direction, turn twice, and brand yourself of confusion or deceit. Also remember, a fool is more dangerous than a wise man."

                            Poking Chaos in the chest, he smirked. "Even your own blood is confused, running with the truth of the Sith and the taint of the Jedi," He chuckled. "As for me worrying over a Knight… I worry not for the Knight, but the possible repercussions his actions may bring upon us."


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                              "Yes, I have Jedi blood in my viens, but I also have Sith. My Mother Dae Jinn was a member here. She was till the day she died in battle. My Uncle Pivo Nightstriker, my father's brother, was a member of this order. As it stands, I only have one relative that is Jedi."

                              ::Chaos brushed Varlon's hand away from his chest. It was not done to start a fight, just to show that he wished not to be poked. Chaos turned to Daegal::

                              "I may have turned, but it was for show. Maruc O'Dunn would have seen through me as soon as I stood infront of him. I had no idea his power was so great till I arrived on Yavin 4. He may be stronger one on one, but there is also strenght in numbers. If I stayed there and he found me out, I would have the whole GJO on me. I returned here so that you all can know that it was all a plan. I never left in spirit, only body. It was a plan to get my 'Sister' and nothing more. I hade to kill the plan when I learned of the Life bond."