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  • Nomadic Prisoner of The Soul...

    *Thunder, lighting, shadow, darkness, nightmare... these are the words that come to mind when observing Xenodoros. Sorrow, misery, sadness, fury, rage... are the words that describe him internally. Usually feared by his vicious appearance, he took his steps closer to where he would begin a new chapter in his life. Long silver hair traveling half of his cheek, his blue spheric eyes threw themselves at the council members, observing every detail.

    Xenodoros had lived a harsh youth. Most of his life, he had felt rejected and alone. Maybe he would not have felt such emotions if he hadn't lost his best friend... His best friend's name was Yedideiah and they had told themselves that in the future they would always be together. But all this ended when a war had struck and Yedideiah was killed by a good for nothing man. Xenodoros had never found out where he was killed, and he did not want to find out because the pain would grow even stronger.

    After living a cold and lonely life, he had decided to become something that nobody would have expected. His last resort was "The Sith Empire." Indeed, he had felt the force, and to become a Sith would be appropriate for who he was.

    Slowly kneeling down, he set himself on one knee. He then looked at the council and his words bared:*

    "It is an honor for me to stand in front of you today, amazing council. The name I bare is Xenodoros Stormrider, and I have come here, like the rest, to convince you that I am the Sith you will be proud of. Darkness has reigned my soul, and there is no turning back anymore. Therefore, if you accept me, you will not regret it. The Sith Empire will help me develop what I have and make me a powerful being, and destroy whatever enemies you have. To me, the Jedi's are worthless. You have far more power than they do, and ignore the fact that one must not have darkness in themselves."

    *As he waited for a signal to stand, he tilted his head looking at the floor. As his hair billowed, he slid his hand and swept his hair away from his face. Was the Sith Empire to accept Xenodoros as a member? It is for the council to tell, and Xenodross awaits their replies.*

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    :: A cloaked figure watches in the Shadows as this new comer enters, his Blood Red eyes peer out from under his pitch black hood, looking over the young hopeful. For some odd reason Phantom liked this him, Phantom never likes anyone. He emerges from the shadows, floating just above the floor ::

    " Greetings young one... "

    :: A voice rang out from the Darkness ::

    " I must say I liked your speech, it was very informative. Tell me though what is the real reason you wish to join? Revenge, Power, or lack of places to go? "


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      *Xenodoros stood up as his face nodded to the council. His hands now together, he showed great respect to the council. His spheric, crystal blue eyes pointed towards Phantom as his slender lips moved to say:*

      "Thank you, great sir, for complimenting me. Now, I have come to Sith to obtain power. Also, I would like to avenge a friend of mine... The Sith Empire can teach me far more than what I already know. Of course I will use my powers to help Sith with anything they want. I will get what I want, meaning power so that many can fear me, and make me feel superior, and will also benefit you as well."

      *Done with his speech, his eyes scattered the room and waited for whatever they would ask him. The strong young man waited for a response, standing in the darkness.*


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        "What is the DarkSide to you?"

        The voice rang from the side of the hall as the Sith Lord walked up from behind Xenodoros to stand next to Phantom, he nodded to his assosiate and then looked to the new comer for the answer.


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          *His eyelids met causing his eyes to blink. Hearing the voice come from behind him, he opened his eyes and pointed them at his side. He heard the voice echo near him. He smiled as he answered:*

          The DarkSide... Hehe. A famous word with so many meanings... yet there is only one meaning that you seek. Indeed, the DarkSide is part of everyone and everything. Without bad, there wouldn't be good. Therefore, it is the same with the DarkSide. And this "DarkSide" is one that we must learn to control and use. Yet it comes to our advantage when we slaughter others. I am covered with the DarkSide and want to learn to use it to my advantage. I do not want to waste such power...


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            DarkStar folded his arms and tapped one finger of his right hand on his uper left arm.

            "Tell me then, what would we stand to gain from allowing you to be a part of this glorious Emppire?"


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              *Listening to the words of the Sith Lord, he stood there in the same position. Silence had hit the air and then with a cold tone Xenodoros replied:*

              "First of all, you would gain pride for teaching someone like me. I am a fast learner, and when I commit myself to something, I become one of the best. Most importantly, I would easily get rid of those dreaded Jedi that seem to block your views to accomplishment."

              *He then went back to his silence and waited for whatever question came to him. Xenodoros was not nervous, nor was he confident. But if Xenodoros entered The Sith Empire, he would keep his word.*


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                DarkStar's eyes blazed with green fire.

                "Dreaded Jedi? You would easily get rid of?"

                DarkStar's eyes narrowed as they bored into the newcomer.

                "What makes you think that we fear the Jedi, or that you could destroy them easily if we have not?"

                The Sith Lord seemed to radiate pure power at that moment, it felt like a burning to Xenodoros as he came under the terrible gaze of the angered Force Vampyre.


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                  *Getting hit by the question, he quickly thought. He responded at the question that seemed to disturb the council. With the strong and low voice he said:*

                  "Hmmm... I'm sorry, but I have my point of views. I have thought that the reason you haven't destroyed them is fear of losing, ne? I might be completely wrong. I know that the Force inside of me is capable of releasing such power. Again, I'm probably wrong... but you never know."

                  *He blinked as his eyes scattered the room. He had always thought that the Sith Empire was quite powerful. For him, they had always been one of the most powerful empire. Indeed, he thought what he had said previously was just to see what their reaction would be.*


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                    DarkStar lazily raised his right hand then, with speed that Xenodoros couldn't even concieve he backhanded the young man across the face.

                    "I am a tolerent man, the council is not, I sujest that you do not even concider such statements in their, you will await one of them to confirm or reject your application,"

                    DarkStar lazily folded his arms again, the man was arrogant and confident, but there was a strength in him, the arrogance would have to be toned down a little though lest he grate on some of the other members.


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                      *Feeling the cold hand land on him. He jumped a bit to move a bit in front. He then said in a nervous voice:*

                      "I-I'm sorry... Things just seem to slip my mind all of a sudden. Indeed, I think that The Sith Empire will teach me much more than I know already. They are ever so powerful still."

                      *Xenodoros's eyes scattered around the room because of his nervousness. He now knew that he had to keep things to himself. But he still stood strong and proud that The Sith Empire was still the best Empire around.*


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                        The newly re-animate warrior slowly creeped out from the shadows, and looked ath the new comer. Slowly, almost crypticly sounding, he asked one question the the man.

                        "What is so... special about you, that allowing you to join wouldn't weigh our Empire down? We do not like dead weight being tethered to us when the time comes...."

                        His eyes were cold, showing no sign of feeling twards Xenodoros. Perhaps if he were accepted, the gaze would be a bit more welcoming, but it was impossible to tell right now.


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                          *Hearing the words of the warrior that had just asked him the question, Xenodoros's lips stretched, forming a malicious smile towards him. Xenodoros knew that he could make it to the top; he had a certain feeling pushing his gut with this dark confidence. As he blinked once more he said in a ridiculed voice:*

                          "What makes me so special, you say? My goal is to be an elite in this Empire. I want to be much more than an insignificant bug. Of course, I will try my best, and maybe even go beyond that with the DarkSide. The Sith Empire, surely, will make that more possible for me. Like I said... this Empire is great."

                          *Hanging on to his malicious smile, he turned around, creating a small breeze that caused his clothes and hair to billow*


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                            This little one had gall, but nothing ot back it. Arrogance is often the most tragic flaw of all... Tempist stared at the newcomer with a look of indifference on his face, a look that peirced into Xenodoros' soul. His tone became a spiteful murmer, amazingly clear and audiable to all.

                            "Many have done their best... and failed.... what sets you aside from all of those that fell from their... trials..., what would keep you alive... if I were to lash out at you and disembowel you right now?"

                            His tone changed as he spoke, swithcing into one of completely seriousness, letting Xenodoros know that it would be wise to watch his tounge now.


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                              Re: Nomadic Prisoner of The Soul

                              *Standing on the same spot, Xenodoros observed Tempis's mood change suddenly. These questions seemed logical to him. Logic was the key to unlock the door. But was he to be asked anymore? Xenodoros' blue eyes threw themselves at Tempis and with his low raspy, yet sophisticated voice, he said:*

                              "I understand your preoccupation over such a thing. Many incompetent fools seem to give up easily and ignore whatever they do. Hear me now, I will stand for this Empire. Why would I only try a trial? That would disobey my own goal also. So as you see this comes to my advantage also. And if you were to disembowel me now, I would not be stupid enough to fight you. Of course, you've had more experience and 'techniques' when it comes to this. I am not a coward; wisdom is what I have. But I reassure you that my being here is not only a sojourn."

                              *Keeping his cool, his icy blue piercing eyes observed the individual. Xenodoros was not a fool. He knew that he could not take on someone that had learned more than him, and also knew that there was no reason to take the duel.*