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A new recruit....

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  • A new recruit....

    A lone figure strode into the Sith recruiting center. He stood, leaning on the wall as he waited for a Sith Master to notice him.

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    " Muhahaha. "

    :: Laughter echoes through out the Council Room ::

    " It might help if you actually say something, or make yourself known. "

    :: A deep voice emerges from the Shadows, seeming to come from everywhere ::


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      Siekens face showed little emotion, his eyes darted to phantom as he laughed and then back to the recruit he stood there gave a quick nod of greeting to the hopeful.


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        "I will when I should. Until then I can wait patiently for someone to come along. Besides what is the use insaying nothing when no one is around?"


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          "Evidently, there must be someone here, or else you are going insane. Make yourself known, little one."

          Tempist remained unseen, in the shadows, except for a set of glowing dark blue eyes... the color of tainted magic.


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            "My name is Trunks Yurali and I wish to recieve training in the darkside."


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              Daegal stepped out from the Darkness that seemed to conceal him more and more these days. His face was expressionless, as usual. His demeanor, calm, but powerful. He glared at the newcomer, his eyes seeming to look deep into the man's soul, however, his mouth uttered only one word.



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                "Because I wish to."


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                  Tempist steped out from the shadows, and looked ath the newcomer with an indifferent look on his face.

                  "Why do you want to? For fun? Do you think that the dark side is a toy, simply for your amusment?"


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                    **Sukura stood, hidden beneath her heavy cloak and the silent shadows. She watched the new recruit with interest, a smirk forming along her lips. She watched the few questioning him and then stepped out of the shadows making herself known to the crowd. She pulled back her hood, letting her flame red hair fall to her shoulders.**

                    "So you've come to join TSE...?" **Sukura laughed a bit and nodded her head**

                    **Her pupiless ice blue eyes stared at the new recruit, taking in his appearence and scanning him with the utmost care. She walked around him, her seven foot tall frame towering above him**

                    "Now love, tell us why you wish to join...? And perhaps one of the Masters will take you as their apprentice..."

                    **The grin on her lips twisted with slight insanity as she took his face in her large, sharply taloned hands, looking at him carefully from every angle.**


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                      Re: ...

                      Daegal scoffed and stared blankly at this newcomer that possessed so much gaul. The answer that the Sith Knight had recieved to his question was far less than satisfactory, but he felt that now was not the time to make it known. He moved off to the side, watching as the others began their questioning.