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Trodding On Uncertain Ground.

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  • Trodding On Uncertain Ground.

    A cloaked figure slowly made its way in front of the Council of The Sith Empire. His slightly hidden hands pulled back the hood, revealing a face that had been heavily scarred, as a result of either beatings or fights. His dyed red hair fell loosely from his head to his shoulders. He lowered onto a knee, bowing before the Council. In a hoarse voice, he spoke to them.

    "I wish to join the Empire.."

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    :: A pair of bright red eyes peer out through the Shadows, looking over the new arrival. A deep voice bellows from the Darkness, echoing through out the Council Room ::

    " Why? "


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      Standing next to Phantom Sieken gave a nod to the hopefull.

      ' Welcome'


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        He gave a nod of acceptance towards the Warrior Sieken, and rasied his head once more. His scarred and emtionless face looked across the Room towards the Lord Phantom. He cleared his throat quietly, and spoke to him.

        "Because the Darkness is my life. I don't know how to fully use the powers that lay within me, and I have come here for guidance."


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          " I see, but why The Sith Empire? There are many other groups who use the Dark Side, such as the Black Hand. Besides what seperates you from the rest of the scum that wish to become a Sith? "


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            "I've heard a great deal about The Sith Empire, and those who train inside its walls. What separates me from the others? I do not know. It might be shone if I were...provoked in the right way."


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              " Anger, excellent... "

              :: Phantom pauses briefly as he slowly begins walking around the new recruit, with his hands behind his back ::

              " Maybe you could be some use to The Sith after all, but first a Council Member must welcome you before you can even get started. "

              :: Phantom continued to slowly walk around him ::

              " What is the true reason you wish to join the Sith? Power? Revenge? Wealth? or like me, the need for Carnage? "


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                "Revenge for everything the Jedi have done to my family throughout the years. Wealth, I have no desire for. Nor for Power, unless it's Power that leads to the death of the Jedi. The simple need for Carnage is there, too."


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                  *Snack sat in his chair, watching Phantom interogate the newcomer. Finding an opening to get a question in, he took it.*

                  Why do you hate the Jedi so much? What did they do to your family?


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                    Upon hearing the question asked by Lord Snack, his head raised suddenly to look at him. Anger and hatred flowed through his veins as his eyes gave off a sudden shimmer.

                    "My family were once Sith, as well. The Jedi hunted them down and destroyed them.."

                    His voice trailed off slightly. His right hand clenched into a tight fist as he spoke again.

                    "Now I want to destroy them as they destroyed my family. Take from them what they love."


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                      The Lupine Sith Lord watched the would-be Sith, standing in his usual spot in the room with his arms folded over his chest. He smirked somewhat as the man answered the questions posed to him, wondering what the Council's final judgement on him would be.


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                        I find it hard to believe that Jedi would hunt down and kill your family, despite them being Sith. It's too much of an aggressive move for the Jedi.

                        *Snack kept his cold gaze on Tyr.*

                        I am to assume you know a few things of the Sith Ways, coming from a family of Sith?


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                          He nodded his head once.

                          "I do, Lord Snack."


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                            Then what do you know?


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                              Curious as to just what this newcomer knew, Daegal's ears perked up with interest. Lord Snack had posed an interesting question, and the answer could decide whether or not the applicant gained membership.