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To state my regards to The Powerful Sith Lords

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  • To state my regards to The Powerful Sith Lords

    * I come here today to say that I would like a master to help me in my training and that I will not fail you. I will not say that I will try, because I already know that the council does not accept "I will try as an answer". That would mean you are weak if you do not have enough confidence in yourself to say that you can succeed. I WILL not fail in making the Sith Lords and The Council tilt their favors in my part. I will not make them sorry, either......

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    ::Saharia watched, listening to the words of the recent arrival. She did not say anything for he had spoken to the higher-ups of TSE, but she nodded at them. Not in approval, not in disgust. Just in agreement. No, the sith did not accept try, some learnt the hard way. He had presented himself well from what she had observed with others, but there were many questions ahead::

    ::No -one replied so she stepped forward and looked at him::

    Why do you wish to join the sith empire?


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      ' Hmm...seems another has come....are we located on a map or is just me?' He said with a sercastic smile


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        Daegal chuckled at Sieken's remark, a display of emotion that was not customary for the Sith Knight. He changed back to normal quickly, as his face changed to one of stone. He too wondered what had brought this sudden influx of recruits.


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          "Not only why do you wish to join our ranks," Lord Konrad spoke as he stepped from the shadows which shrank back from his form as he stepped from them. "But why did you choose this path rather than the others that were presented to you in life?"