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  • Looking to become a Sith

    The doors to the Sith Empire opens as a gray haired, well built man makes his why through, dragging his luck sword on the ground behind him.

    To his own surprise there wasn't a trace of fear with in him. Just the thoughts of how he new he would be the newest of the Sith..No matter what he had to do or kill.

    He looked around the room for anyone that might be in charge or at lest be able to help.

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    "Mighty confident today, aren't we ?"

    <Syren said, her left brow raised.>


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      Puts his sword in its sheath, that hangs on his back.


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        "Far too confident for one with such little ability," the Sith Lord snorted.


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          **Sukura slipped out of the shadows, her features were hidden beneath her heavy cloak. However it could not hide her height, she stood at least seven feet tall.**

          "No one is completely without fear, boy..." **She whispered softly**

          **She walked around his side and stopped infront of him, her cold eyes looking him up and down taking him in. A frown of disgust fell upon her lips, and she took his face into her massive, taloned hand**

          "Pitiful...but I suppose you could be fixed..." **With that the let go of his face and stepped back a bit**


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            After the woman spoke he replied to Vagas comment

            "At lest you no I have the confidences. All I need is the skill to back it up"


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              "Confidence can be a bad thing sometimes...."

              A man with an amazingly deep voice steped out from the shadows, flipping a dagger in the air, and catching it by the blade.

              "Who are you?"


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                Jezebella watched from the shadows as the confident one was questioned. Amusement showed upon her pale hidden face. She nodded to herself,yes,but to back-up the comment that Tempist made

                "I must agree with can be your weakness as well as your aid."


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                  Laugh at all the people walking out of the shadows
                  "If I get expected will I be able to do that"
                  Looking around and seeing know one laughing he goes back to his frist composer.
                  "My name is Max Deathtide and Confidence is the only that brought me here so is it really that bad?"


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                    'Heh, what...the this?' Sieken began, his face full of smiles and sercasem inspecting the so called "Great Warrior".

                    'Over conficence as Tempis said is a bad thing ost of the time, the face on you tells me that your way way way over confident, that that you think if you had the skill you could crush anything with that sword on your back.....wrong!....Mind and Thought are the keys to survival...and...' he traid off looking at the man not rearlly listning.

                    'Nevermind,i have no time for this' Sieken said,his grinning again and then looking towards Vega.


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                      "I'll work on the over confident thing, okay?"


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                        "Work on your attitude or I will remove it forcefully using a knife in your chest."


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                          "...assuming that I don't put my boot through his skull first, Lord Vega."

                          There was a slight lok of disapointment of Tempist's face at the newcomer. Although he had confidence, there was too much. This one seemed to be pig-headed, which is a quality for the jedi, not the Sith. His eyes focused on Max, and he spoke to the hopeful again.

                          "What reason do you have to be so confident, little one? If you posess no force ability, then you will fall within seconds to any one of us in the Empire, even our newest Desciples. What makes you think that you are any different from all of the other overconfident saps that walk through those gates?"


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                            Xavier smirks slightly as he steps up beside Tempist. He looks the newcomer over for a moment, his arms crossed of his chest. His eyes slowly close as he takes a deep breath and opens them once more.

                            The young Sith Warrior lets out a low growl as he turns his back to the newcomer.

                            "I do not like this one. He needs to be disciplined..."

                            Xavier slowly walks out of the recruitment room, his arms slowly uncrossing from his chest.


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                              re:looking to become one of the sith

                              "I might be over confident but I'm not stupid. I know if I went up against any one here you would kill me in a matter of seconds."
                              Takes a deep breath
                              "That's why I want training to become one of the great Sith maybe some day even be on the Sith counsel...At the moment I can take on most non-force users and win..but that's not good enough for me."