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  • Request for Membership.

    Ever since becoming a Bounty Hunter, I have used my Force Sensitivity to become one of the greatest bounty hunters in the galaxy.
    I wish to learn more, in order to become even better.

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    ' And, you think that is enough? think that staitment with get you directly into the Sith?.. no must have readt the leaflet wrong you see...we are not fools here... a little more infomation is requird' Sieken said his face full of sercasem.


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      "We are not here to simply further your own personal power. If all you are here to do is gain an upper hand for when you are hunting, then I suggest you leave now."


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        "You wish us to teach you so that you can, with a wave of your hand, get contracts?" Lord Konrad spoke as he stepped out of the shadows, a wave of shadows resembling a cloak dissipating off his body as he stepped into the light. "Or so you can more efficiently incapacitate or kill your prey?

        "Bah, I say. Unless you have something to truly offer to us, the Sith of the great Sith Empire, I suggest that you heed my comrades' advice and leave now…"


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          Daegal stood at the back of the room, his face expressionless. The Sith that had spoken had summed up his opinions nicely, and so he did not comment.


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            Do to your past actions under the character name of Ron Thrawn it has been decided by the council that your request shall be denied.

            This thread will be locked, if you have questions or want to try and appeal this decision please do not post about it but email the council.