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  • New guy, plz train

    "Hello, I'm looking for someone to train me!" He says as he burns a gigantic hole in the door to the Recruitment center with his custom Lightsaber, and then destroys a table with has Weston blaster.

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    Within seconds of his "entrance", this man found himself lying on his back, with a shattered rib and a large bruse on his face. When he felt around for his weapons, he realized they were gone.

    "Would you like it if I were to come into your house and destroy your living room? I think not."

    In Tempist's hands were this man's lightsaber and blaster.

    "These are not toys, play with them and you get burned."

    He looked down at the man in disgust, not even bothering to give him the usial questions.

    "I have nothing for this one." Tempist said aloud, as if to himself, as well as the council.


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      "Oww...." the mysterious person said as he stumbled out of the Recriutment Center. "Well, I'm not gonna try THAT stunt again." The stranger repaired the broken door and table, snatched his lightsaber and blaster from the man, and stumbled out the door.


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        Siekens looked down at the floor before comicly looking toward the rest of them with a half-smile.

        'What the hell was that about?'


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          "You're lucky that Tempist is having a good day, and that he got to you before I did", Daegal said between clenched teeth.

          The Sith Knight moved out of the shadows toward the man.

          "Perhaps you should return when you've learned some manners."


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            "I'm sorry for the damage I've caused to that table and door, and I'll come back as soon as I get my head straight and a prostetic bionic rib..." He said as he stumbled down the hallway and in his MandalMotors modified TIE fighter.