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    I Seek Membership in The Sith Empire.
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    ::Saharia looked at the new arrival, and walked up to the person. Nodding at the person she stood and waited until she had eye contact, then spoke::

    Welcome. A sith master will come soon. But first, What are your reasons for joining?


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      Nodding to Saharia and the stranger, Zena approached him.

      "Welcome to the Empire of the Sith. I trust your journey was not of a perilous nature. We have lost many potential applicants to the predators whom frequent the outskirts of this dominion. I am Zena. Let us start with your name, then we shall commence with the inquisition."

      Not waiting for a response, Zena relayed her first catechism.

      "Yes, what are your reasons for asking to be accepted into our ranks? First off, what services can you offer as an affiliate of the Empire? Have you been trained in any forms of combat?"

      The Sith warrior awaited his rebuttal.