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    A white haired figure appearing to be around the age of 19 stands in the center of the recruitment center. With his hands shoved into his trouser pockets, he glances around the room slowly as a dark smirk grows on his lips.

    "I'm here to join, suprisingly."

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    A tall, shadowy man steps out from the darkness that lines the room. His eyes fade in and out from black, to dark blue, to a light red, as he looks at the newcomer.

    "Suprizingly, you may survive if you answer a few questions I have to ask you. If you answer them right, then perhaps the council may hear your plea for membrership. What is your name, little one?"


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      ' Give the guy some air man, he looks promiceing....' Sieken said looking toward the boy

      ' White hair huh?...were two of a kind... But answer his questions anyway...'


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        Zone crossed his arms over his chest and looked at the figure who'd adressed him with a nod.

        "The name's Zone... Zone Evox, but most people just call me Z."


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          ' So....answer the mans questions....why TSE and not our allies TSO?'..Siekens said with a twitch.

          ' And what makes you so sure we would exsept you?...tell me about your skills'


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            Answer the mans question? Zone smirked. The only question he'd been asked was his name, but whatever..

            "The reason I picked here because was this was the only place I'd heard about. TSE has a big reputation in the galaxy, therefore seemed like the smart place to come to learn the dark arts,"

            Z shrugged somewhat.

            "Skills.. well I can fight. Tae Kwon Do, kick boxing mostly.. had a bit of a swing with a sword or two, though I've never used the Force before. That's why I'm here - to learn."


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              "Indeed... what do you think the Empire can benefit from allowing you to join our ranks?"

              At the same time, he sent a force message to Seiken, so only he could hear.

              [i]Don't cross me Kasstra, I don't care what your rank is, I'll still put you on your ****.


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                Speaking out loud so everyone could hear he spoke to Tempis.

                ' I did not cross you and i have done you no halm, i was mearly trying to get him to answer your questions...' Sieken said with a smerk


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                  Daegal spoke just as loud as Sieken, his voice strong, and unwavering.

                  "Do not quarrel in front of newcomers. If you two have a problem, take it to the sparring grounds."


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                    Tempist noded, and replied.

                    "Sounds good to me."

                    With that, Tempist strode twards the door, and motioned for the newest Knight to follow him. As a last moment thought, he added in a few words to the newcomer.

                    "Good luck kid."


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                      Daegal nodded as the two members left, and turned his attention to the newcomer.

                      "Have you ever wielded a saber before?"


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                        "Never. I've juggled about the parts for one, held a hilt or two, but never swung a working one."


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                          <Standing by one of the pillars, Syren watched the man who called himself "Z" curiously.>