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  • I seek admittance....

    A cloaked figure enters the room,head down as a sign of humbleness as she approaches the Sith Lords. She tosses back the cloak's hood and says in a strong voice.

    "Mighty Sith's, I ask to be trained in the ways of the Dark Side. My name is Maletra, although I am young, my former master, ambushed and killed by the Jedi scum, believed my powers to be growing in the dark force rapidly. I wish to pursue and continue my learing here, under the teachings of master's like yourselves...."

    She awaits her answer.....

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    'Hello Maletra, welcome to the empire...i understand what you are saying young madam, but why TSE..and not TSO surely you hve a reason for picking us in perticular?'...He said looking to her with a small smile.


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      OOC: Sorry I took so long to get back. My screen name was going wacky, I had to sign up again. **was firelight88**

      "I sensed great power here. What better place to learn the ways of the dark side than from those who hold that power?"


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        'Heh, you have a point young one...i will give you the list of masters and you may pick a master to train you in the darkside..BUT..a sith master must greet you firstly aswell....'...He puased for a moment looking away..before looking back and looking at te man with is light gray eyes.

        'So...what drew you to the darkside before hand?'

        Sieken handed the list to the young man with a face expressonless as stone.

        Sith Masters

        Dara Shadowtide (NCAA)
        Firebird1 (NCAA)
        Jedah Lynch (NCAA)
        Lady Dia (NCAA)
        Rama Sha (NCAA)

        Sith Lords

        Darth Phantom
        Darth Snack
        Dyne Darkforce (Morale Officer)
        Darth Varlon
        Lord DarkStar
        Miryan no Trunks (NCAA)
        Raine Sarin
        Sumor Rayial
        Vega Van Derveld

        Sith Knights

        Athena Lady Darknss (NCAA)
        Chaos Alexander
        Daegal Murdoch
        Eve Siren
        Ket Van Derveld (NCAA)
        Laran Katern
        Sieken Kasstra


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          "I was drawn to the darkside by a wanting of power, revenge..." She looked away briefly, a mixture of pain and hate in her cold blue eyes, then continued "...many reasons led to me coming here."

          Meletra looks at the list
          "There are many great Sith warriors here, it would be an honor to be taught by anyone of them...which one would have me?"


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            "So you come merely to gather your strength before butchering another in revenge, and to further your own personal power?" Varlon scowled as he stepped out of the shadows, their forms melting off his body as he came into the light. "Or do you have other reasons to come here, ones more worthy of consideration?"


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              "I wish to hone my skills, fufill my potential, and learn of the ways my master would have wanted, and to complete my training in the ways of the Sith. I wish to butcher no one, only give out what is deserved, and only that will come in time, when my master allows me to,and after I have grown wiser in the ways of the Sith, and in the ways of the universe. I come here not just for power or training, but also for wisdom that only the Sith can provide..."


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                "So you seek knowledge? I thought that was the way of the Jedi," He said with a simple smirk. "For what, I ask, do you have as… compensation for our bestowing of knowledge to you? What skills can you give to us that would make our considerations greater?"


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                  A Jedi I do not wish to be...since when did the wanting of knowledge classify someone as a Jedi? Are you implying that all Sith must be after power most of all? if so....Sith's wouldn't be half as powerful as they are. Forgive me if I'm overstepping my bounds, but in this case, one must defend oneself. .....As for compensation, I've been training for 3 years now, mostly in direct combat- lightsabers, blasters, some fire-piloting, and other things as that. I'm above average in all those listed, and only have been working on using the force for a while now, but I have a firm grasp on it, as far as I have learned of it.


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                    "Young one, even us Sith have a sense of humour," Varlon said, leaning against a column. "You will soon come to learn to tell the difference between a simple joke, as the one I just shot to you, and the real, harsh reality of a punch to the jaw.

                    "As a Sith Lord, I find you to have sufficient reasons and backing to join our ranks, however, also be prepared to learn many things in many ways you may not fully expect depending on whom you ask to take apprenticeship under…"


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                      She smiles I'm sorry my lord, you must excuse my defensiveness, where I hailed from, there weren't many people in the 'joking' mood
                      She gives a small bow
                      I'm eager to learn more and am open to the new lessons. I am having difficulty deciding which master I should take my apprenticeship under....


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                        'I would gladly exsept you as a apprentice..but you seem a woman to me who gives up very early...or am i wrong?' Sieken said with a side smile.


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                          Sumor pulled a datapad from beneath his cloak and handed it too her. On it contained all the mini-biographies for those available to train the young lady.

                          Turning Sumor flipped his hood back over his face covering it in shadows. Slowly he walked over to where Sieken stood. Looking at the new Knight Sumor’s eyes began to glow crimson from beneath the hood.

                          “You are still new to this part of our existence, therefore I will give you fair warning this time. We give new members the respect they deserve unless they show us that they do not deserve it. We also do not silicate them for our own gain. Be patient your time will come when someone chooses you to be his or her Master. Do not let me catch you trying to convince someone that you should be their Master again. Glad we had this little chat.”

                          Without another word Sumor moved back to the darkened wall to watch the rest of the days proceedings.


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