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SITH DISIPLe in need of teacher

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  • SITH DISIPLe in need of teacher

    MY name is darth sonic and i am a sith disiple. I need a master lord or knight to train under. If any would like the job reply... I will be a good trainie i listen to orders and already have a light saber../

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    "You are not a Disciple untill you are admitted into the Empire, little one. Remember that. What is your name?"

    A tall man steped out from the shadows, as the darkness seemed to dance around him.


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      sorry sir i did not know my name is sonic and if you please how do i gain admittance..


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        "By answering our questions, and hoping that a council membrer takes notice of you. If they give you the ok, then you are admited. If not, then... you have no place here. Why do you wish to join our Empire?"


        you may want to visit the site, and read up the faq there. that will give you the basics of RPing, and how things work


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          I have heard you are the best of the sith and wish to be amoung you. I have had little training and wish to be great.


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            "Interesting. Is power all you seek, or is there more? Revenge? Perhaps simply fun?"

            His tone was impassive, listening carefuly to this one's answers. The wrong answer, and Tempist's questions would be done.


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              Sonic turns to face tempist with lightsaber in hand "I have encountered many obstacles along my path, the jedi are a big one, they are strong and smart and have tried to unite the galaxies with peace... All my family have dealt with gambaling and the jedi killed my father and mother in a battle... they tried to stop the illegal sport on my planet and killed them. So if you must know my lord, the main reason is revenge.." Sonic bows and turns around to face the wall sitting his lightsaber angrily on the floor.

              Oc:sorry about the spelling.. and sorry if im doing something wrong with the rp rules...


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                SOnic impatiantly taps his fingers on the floor awaiting his next question.


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                  sonic picks up his lightsbaber and turns back around.


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                    ooc: be patient. we do things other than just the boards, and it takes some time to respond. the answers aren't instantanious.

                    "If you think the jedi are strong, then you do need quite a bit of training. You need not your saber here, put it away. What weapons do you have experiance with?"


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                      ooc: sorry

                      sonic looks at tempist opps and says "i have used an array of blasters and i believe i am quite good.. but sabres, lightsaber and swords of many sizes are my speacialties.." he slowly puts away his lightsaber..


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                        "Ahh, a fellow swordsman. Perhaps one day we will be able to spar in that feild. What will the Empire gain from allowing you admittance?"


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                          "The empire needs warriors ready to fight for its beliefes.. the empire needs me as a warrior and i will be a good one with alot of training from a willing lord or master... The empire will gain a loyal servant prepared for any battle..


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                            Daegal stepped from the shadows, emitting a deep laugh that reverberated off of the chamber walls.

                            "The Empire needs you? And why would we need one as pathetic and unskilled as yourself?"


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                              "I realize i am not of worthy to this great empire ,but i am loyal and will always be here to help with any problems."