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Seeking guidense and admittanse from you powerful sith.

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  • Seeking guidense and admittanse from you powerful sith.

    <font face="comic sans ms" color="orange">The doors of the room open slowly and Kio-Kon walks through. His lightsaber is sucurly attached to his belt and he is prepared for any questions the council members may have."I am Kio-Kon, I am here seeking admittance to your great empire. I am powerful with the lightsaber and an veriety of blasters. I am a rather good pilot i beleive and will do my best to make this council and the empire proud. I am here for many reasons 2 main ones if i may say...revenge for the death of my mother.... and power beyond mosts dreams, like the power all the coucil members and lords and masters of the sith order." Kio-Kon stirnly faces the shadows knowing someone is there..

    Spelling is bad I know. thanx for putting up with it.

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    Please contact me on AIM at SithMasterDara or MSN/e-mail me at [email protected]. It is quite urgent. Thank you.