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I have Traveled Here to ask to Join TSE

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  • I have Traveled Here to ask to Join TSE

    "I have traveled many lightyears to visit your empire and i find it the most Remarkable of all" Sejain Reth says in a voice of fear.

    "I feel I should have the oportunity for you to look me over see if you except me or not or to find out if I am useless to this organization" Reth Says with a grin on his face.

    "I have nothing more to say except I will stay and leave as you command" Reth says trying to make atleast a Half Grin.

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    "Well so far all that I can say about you is that you appear useless,"

    The Sith Lord strode out into view, sizing up the newcomer with a sneer.

    "You've travelled light years, so what? Are we meant to care?"

    He folded his arms over his chest, smirking.

    "Give me a reason why I shouldn't just turn you away now."


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      "Because" says Sejain "wouldnt you rather have another companion" Sejain says "I will follow any instructions you can give me that you want me to do" Sejain says in fear of rejectment "Im not sure who I will choose to be my master but I sure Hope I find one after I become a Deciple" Sejain says with Joy "I hope to find a master that will teach me well and that I can fight beside" Sejain says in a solumn voice" I have nothing more to say."

      ooc:I hope this is an ok rebuttle but im not sure how to do this tell me which flaws I have please I just joined Yesterday...


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        "You will follow any instructions given? Ha. We aren't looking for drones here, we want those with the will to learn and fight ... and become strong in the darks arts. Do you truly believe you could do that?"


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          "with enough practice I Know I can become a great warrior with the right master anyway." says Sejain with anger " I have the will to fight and will try my best to practice and learn the dark arts." Sejain still in anger says " I Believe I can learn what a master wants me too.That will be all Vega Van Derveld." Sejain says solumnly


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            Vega smirked.

            "Hmm.. so do you have any experience with the darkside or the Force?"


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              "But none can have experiance when first arriving to learn"Sejain says with no expression. " I have no knoledge yet of the dark side but with help from any sith master I can Learn."Sejain says.


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                "What of weapons? Do you have any skill with a lightsaber or any sort of blade?"


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                  "I have little skill with a lightsaber but have seen one battle and have knoledge of it I have no weapon except a black bladed lightsaber." Sejain says with pride "That would be the only weapon that I possess so far."

                  ooc: If you know Gir the Great from the unknown reigons im his real brother......


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                    "Hmm.. so what it is that you believe you could contribute to the Empire? What do you think you could bring to our group?"


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                      "not really much i guess except that i will help fight with any master i haveand help to destroy all of the Jedi."Sejain says with a grin.


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                        Vega laughed quietly and shook his head.

                        "I have no more to ask this little one," he said striding away, holding back a grin.


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                          "I thank you for taking your time to see what I have had."Sejain says in anger of rejection."We May meet another day."Sejain says as he sits down to await another master to aproach...


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                            Sejain continues to wait and eventually gats up and walks around in a circle wondering if anyone will ever teach him the right ways