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Controlling the Darkness Within

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  • Controlling the Darkness Within

    The doors were opened by his slight powers. All the people at the walls could see was a dark figure in traditional sith robes. The figure turned around to close the doors behind him. He reached out with the force to close the doors. This figure had evil upon him, for all against the walls could see was the black cloaks and the ice blue eyes glowing under them.
    Davka sent out a wave of coldness to refresh the coldness inside the cloaks he wore. He loved the cold and to him the halls were cold, to his liking.
    "I have come here to become a sith." he said with no emotion in his voice,"I wish to further my knowledge in the dark ways."
    His hand slid in his cloak down to his lighsabers, one on each side, both still there, and then to his dagger.
    **I hope they don't mind training Shadow Jedi here** he thought as he waited for the first sith to talk, his time would come to prove himself to these sith...

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    Controlling the Darkness Within

    As he waited he meditated, for he could tell that he would need all the strength he had to prove that he was no longer a Shadow Jedi, but a Sith. As he concentrated he could feel the presence of many powerful dark figures in the room. Since his force powers were trained to warn him of danger, mostly from the sith, he had the force pushing him to draw a lightsaber out and kill them. He knew he couldn't take all of them, maybe one or two, but not all. As he concentrated he noticed that he no longer wore his dagger.
    **I though I had that!** he thought, then he noticed he did have his LightWhip, two lightsabers(that could change colors from red to blue and back, and they could also connect to make a double bladed lightsaber), and his holt blaster.
    **Good, at least I have by LightWhip** then the sith spoke.


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      Behind this man stood a man, nearly hidden in the shadows. He was flipping Davka's dagger in the air, catching it by the tip of the blade before repeating the process.

      "Looking for somthing little one?"


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        Controlling the Darkness Within

        He could sense that this figure was bigger than himself, but that did not stop him. Before the sith knew it, the dagger was no longer in his hand but resheathed in Davka's belt.

        "Not anymore Sir. For I apologize for my not requesting for my dagger back but it means a lot to me. Are you one of the Sith Council, for if you are I would like to request that I become a sith." he said in a very mellow voice. His eyes had not been seen because of the siths height, but as he looked up at the figure he could see that this one, even though very powerful in the darkness, was not of the sith council.

        "No you are not, but if you wish to ask me a question you may, for I have secrets, but if you ask the right questions, I might reveal them." he said answering the question.

        For he waited to see what these sith might test him on. He knew the sith did not like the jedi, but he could hold his own if trouble started. As he looked at the figure, he quickly bowed his head in respect for the sith master. For he liked this sith, and maybe he would choose him as his master. If he made it through the trials...


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          Sensing this man's impression of Tempist being a master, he stifled a small laugh.

          "What is your name, lightsider?"


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            Daegal stood behind his blood brother, not paying attention. His gaze fell toward the newcomer, however, when he heard Tempist refer to him as a lightsider. His hand fell to his lightsaber, ever ready and at his side. If this being wished trouble, Daegal would be more than willing to provide it.


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              "Greetings, for my name is Davka Volaw. And you behind him, no need to bring your lightsaber into this, for I mean no one harm. I just come to ask for a positions as a sith." he said.

              For he could sense that the one behind the big sith was feeling his lightsaber over, and was ready to start a fight.

              "And as to refering to me as a 'lightsider', for I was never a lightsider. I am a Shadow Jedi, for I do not have all good in me. I want to become more powerful in the dark side, so I have come here. I have heard of the importance of The Sith Empire, to all sith organizations, and I want to serve that purpose, and to become something more." he said in a non-eccoing voice, "For me, the force is neither good nor evil, it is both, as a Shadow Jedi I have manipulated both sides of the force. To my shock, the ones who I trusted were not what they seemed to be. For my history I will reveal later, but if you have more questions don't hesitate to ask. Even you all in the shadows."

              Images of his history flashed through his mind, awakening his pure evil and hatred for the jedi. All in the room could sense the increase of darkness in him.

              **I like this sith** and with that he searched the big siths mind for his name...

              "And you must be Tempistopps, thank you for giving me a chance, I know that most in this room would not, including your brother." he said while still reading his feelings. No more was needed from this sith, he needed to be respected, so Davka left his mind and concentrated on the force and sensing for any danger that might come...


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                "Indeed, but you may also want to remember that you are not the only force user here, and reading minds may not be in your best intrest at the moment. There is a distinction between the light and the darkness, if you do not recodnize it, then we have no use for you. You say you are a 'shadow jedi', but a jedi is a jedi to me. If you are not a light sider, then you are either Sith or do not belong here. Make that choice now, before I ask any more questions."


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                  "For when I say that I do not recognize the distinction between light and dark, I mean that in the use of the force, not being either Jedi or Sith. I recognize their differences. When I say that the force is both, I refer to it as using it for the moment. Using it for what is needed at the time. As for the reading of the minds, I only read for names in the presence of great masters. I search for nothing more and nothing less, just names. As for me not being a lightsider, I say that because I am no longer a part of the Jedi, in any shape or form. I can be considered as a rogue Sith." he said in utter respect.

                  "I wish to be a part of the sith empire, so please, continue..." his voice trailed off...


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                    "Of your past, you said that the jedi you were with betrayed you. Tell me of it."


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                      "It is quite a long story, but I will tell you the outline of it all. When I was very young I showed immense powers that no one could figure out, I could move things with my mind, be in one place then zip to another, and I could even figure out hard puzzles. When my parents started noticing how the force was strong in me, they called the Sith to test me. They were allies with the sith. Some Jedi intercepted the transmission and came to our home as 'Sith'. Because of my parents affilliation with the Sith they were killed and suddenly these 'Sith' vanished. A while later the same two who killed my parents came back as jedi. They took me in and trained me. As I grew older I became a Shadow Jedi, manipulating both sides of the force. I fell in love with another Jedi called Raja Sjodan. She equally fell in love with me. Both of us, fast learners, became Jedi Knights at the age of fourteen, only six months after we met. After that we became partners and I helped her become a Shadow Jedi, also. About two months later we came back to the jedi temple after completing an assignment. Upon our return, who was waiting for us, but my parents killers. They wished to speak with Raja, so not thinking twice, I let them go off. Up to that point Raja had been acting strange and had been wanting to tell me something, but being to preoccupied with the assignment, I did not listen. She knew that they were my parents killers but she went with them anyway, they murdered her. Her love for me was so great, she did not want to hurt me with the information of my parents death. For awhile I could not find her, so I trained with my 'Masters'. As we trained I decided to use my mind reading techniques to find what had happened when they had talked to Raja. Suddenly images of the most horrible torture flashed in my mind,... ..." remembering the images, Davka dropped to one knee, a tear on his cheek, "for they had tortured her to death, the most horrible things..." he said with clenched teeth. Standing back up with his head still bowed, "Inside their minds I also found the images of my parents murder, but from a different point of view... I knew this because I saw me in the imaged. I summoned them to a private place and killed them." he clenched his fists into balls and reached out with the force making Tempistopps feel the hatred that flowed through his veins, so he knew that Volaw had hatred in him...


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                        "That is why this dagger means so much to me," Davka unsheathed his dagger and held it up, "my dear Raja gave it to me when we became knights."

                        "So please continue with your questioning Master Tempistopps..."


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                          'Welcome to the Empire...'Said a quiet voice from the back


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                            "Thank you for the welcome, and you are?" Davka said as he turned to look at the white haired man.

                            He looked about his early twenties and had a style that was non-existent still, it was fearless. As soon as he saw him he knew that this was an individual that he would like to get accustomed to seeing, for he might be a good friend to have to show him around.

                            Waiting for him to reply Davka used the force to feel all around him, he was starting to relax but he thought that might not be a good idea because he was not yet a Sith but a Jedi in not just a Sith establishment, but a Sith military facility.

                            It was getting warm inside the robes so he refreashed the cold inside them. As he had turned, he had noticed a kind of back step, for this new Sith had taken a small step back. Davka could not put his finger on it but maybe it was due to his eyes, they glowed an ice blue. He had not been asked any questions about his age or qualifications, just basic history. He knew they would eventually have to be asked so he sat and waited for a reply to who this Sith was...


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                              As he sat there he could see figures moving in the shadows he knew that he wanted to be in those shadows with them. He wanted to be able to see the newcomers come into those halls and feel the fear coming off the newcomers.

                              Since he was not responding to his question he thought he had done something wrong.

                              "Have I done something to alarm or displease you sir?" he asked the figure standing not far from him. Since the figure was still on the edge of the shadows he could not read his expressions.