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  • Requesting to Join

    <font color=red>I wish to join the Empire.</font>

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    "Welcome to TSE. My name is Tempist Opps. Who are you?"

    A tall, shadowy figgure steped out from the darkness, and the newcomer could sense a great darkness in the room. Not so much in the man, but in the other occupents of the room combine. He sensed that this one that called himself Tempist was strong, but not nearly as powerful as some here.


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      <font color=red>Greetings I am Taron Cyros.</font>

      Cyros bows to this superior.

      <font color=red>I am here to request admittance to The Sith Empire.</font>


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        "Why do you wish to join our ranks?"

        ooc: sorry about last thread, didn't mean anything ooc, it's just how my character is


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          ooc: It's all right. I just didn't want my character killed before he was officially alive.


          <font color=red>I wish to join for many reasons. You as a group are the largest collection of Sith since the Republic was new. Another is the Dark Side has always been more tempting than the light. Finally I want revenge against the Jedi. My father was killed by a Jedi that I was fighting along side in battle with, and my father wasn't even in it. The Jedi was pushed back and his lightsaber hit my father, cutting off his head. They Jedi said it was an accident but I didn't believe him. I killed him on the spot. As you can imagine the Jedi weren't too happy. They expelled me from the Academy. No longer was I a Jedi Master(in background not RPG) I was an Outcast. Until I found this place. At last I can reveal my self to the Jedi, at last I can have revenge. I'LL SLAUGHTER THEM!! JUST LIKE THEY SLAUGHTERED HIM!!</FONT>

          Rage burns within Cyros as he tells his story.


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            A small smirk formed on Tempist's face.

            "Your hate is indeed strong... what do you know of the darkside?"


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              <font color=red>I know it is more powerful. It will give you power depending on how much you give into it. The Dark Side will become my ally.</font>


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                "Indeed. How will the Empire benefit from allowing you admission?"


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                  <font color=red>It will help me hone my skill and make it grow stronger. Help me destroy the Jedi. Become protection if needed.</font>


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                    "You did not answer the question. How will the Empire benefit from your admission?"


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                      <font color=red>I'm sorry I mis-heard the question. The Empire will gain my skill and will have another soldier for its battles.</font>


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                        "Skill in what?"

                        A loud voice sounded from the shadows.


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                          Cyros spins around. His cape wrapping around his left side of his body. He moves his left arm and tosses the cape back.

                          He then begins to speak. <font color=red>My skill in battles of course. Plus I have a bit of prier knowledge of the force.</font>

                          Cyros turns his head and looks back at the other one then back to the shadows.


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                            "And what makes your skills so great that a group as powerful as the Sith Empire needs you? What seperates you from every other person that walks through those massive doors?"


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                              <font color=red>Unlike those other that walk throught those doors I have prier knowledge of what I am doing and I believe I am better than them!</font>