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A new Warrior emerges

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  • A new Warrior emerges

    : Duo walks in, swaggering as he goes, Duo's black cat Pain sitting on his shoulder: Greetings Sith Empire, I wish to join your ranks, tell me what must be done.

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    DarkStar eyed the newcomer,

    "Why do you wish to join the Empire?"


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      While stepping from the shadows, the right eyebrow of Varlon raised inquisitively as he looked over the newcomer. Stepping close, then slowly circling around, he slowly summed up the man. "You wish us to tell you what must be done?" He asked, leaning and whispering into the man's ear. "We should not have to tell you how to join our ranks, you should be able to prove it to us without us leading you by the hand, is that not correct, Lord Darkstar?"


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        DarkStar nodded to Varlon,

        "My fellow Sith Lord is correct, proof is better when it is thought up by yourself, not led through by those who already know the answers,"

        DarkStar folded his arms, one eye on Varlon, the other on the newcomer


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          Hmmm.... You make a good point, To join I must prove that I should be allowed to join but by concocting the idea myself, Let's see, I'am as evil as Politition, I have no morals, and I drink the blood of my enemies.


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            Daegal stepped from the shadows, nodding respectfully to the two Sith Lords. He waited a brief second, to be sure that they were not speaking immediately, for he wished no disrespect. He look quizically at the newcomer, almost as if he were perplexed.

            "You possess no morals? Does this include loyalty?"


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              No my lord, Loyalty is a trait, not a moral. Morals are kindness, Passiveness, and other such things. But I do have set of rules to which I adhere, I seek a place to belong, too long I wandered as a Mercanary, willing to do anything for cash, drinks, or women. But now I seek a place to belong and Respect, I care nothing of how people beleive of my actions but as long as I have their respect, they shall have mine.
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                Daegal nodded at the newcomer, somewhat satisfied with his answer.

                "What is the difference to you between respect and fear?"


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                  Respect, you admire what someone is/are out of what they have done whether it be saving an entire world, or destroying one. Fear is being scared of what you think they can do. Respect is also gained through comradery, while fear is gained through other means.


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                    OOC: VJ? Holy @#%$! You're here too!??! Jumping Jesus on a pogo Stick, is anything sacred? IC:
                    Lets see, the difference is up to the beholder but I personally see respect as something that is gained similar to how wisdom is, gained you earn it. Fear on the other hand is like knowledge, it's abundant for all.


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                      Daegal nodded at the newcomer, pleased with the answer.

                      "Should the Council allow you entry, I wish you well on your quest to become one of us."

                      With that said, the Sith Knight stepped back to the shadows.


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                        : Duo watched Daegal dissapered into the shadows, Pain meowed loudly from his shoulder: Pain, quiet down will ya? I wonder if they'll allow me to join... the Dark Side is of two minds on this, Ahh bugger it. : Duo removes Pain from his shoulder and takes off his Cloak and Leather armor: Ahhh... Much better well might as well exercise till someone shows up. : Putting his hands on the floor Duo put himself in a 180' and began to do vertical push ups:


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                          I am closing this thread until we have an opportunity to speak, Duo. Please private message me or e-mail me at [email protected]. Thank you.