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I seek to join the Empire...

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  • I seek to join the Empire...

    Without further thought, I hereby proclaim that I would rather have nothing more than to be a member of the Sith Empire and in turn (if deemed worthy) to be taken on as an apprentice.

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    Emerging from the shadows, the Sith Warrior known as Zena, stepped before the new prospect. Arctic blue eyes then centered on his visage.

    "Admirable words. If you are accepted, your declaration shall be backed by actions deemed worthy of a Sith Empire affiliate, or your demise shall surely ensue," she paused adding further.

    "The skeletal remains of fallen apprentices litter the training grounds. This decomposed panorama, incites our newest Disciples to be at their best. I trust you will be as wise, and follow their example."

    Zena shifted slightly to the side, then took a seat.

    "You may commence by relaying your name. I am Zena. Welcome to the Empire of the Sith. You eluded the predators on the outskirts of this dominion. You passed the first test, congratulations. Why is it, your profound wish is to become an Apprentice of the Sith Empire? What services can you offer?"


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      First to say is my name Voldemort. Meaning power and terror to those who hear it. I offer to your Empire all my skills of causing destruction and havoc whereever I go. The sole reason for my wanting to join is to wreac terror into the hearts of those who oppose me. That is what I have to offer to the Sith, and vow to do whatever is necessary to become one with the Empire.


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        OOC: voldemort from the darkwars or is this a different voldemort? I'll only ask once with a yes or no answer amidst your next reply so I dont interrupt anything.


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          ' Welcome to the empire ' Said a voice from the back


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            OCC:different voldemort


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              All I ask now is what is to be done to become an apprentice and learn the full ways of the Sith Empire. Whatever you desire, I shall abide.


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                Standing back up, Zena ambulated past Voldenmort, then shifted to regard him. Her piercing topaz eyes cooly riveted onto his eager facade.

                "Loyalty, a great asset expected of every Disciple, as well as a reverent bearing held for the mighty Sith Empire, its Council members, and assembled ranks."

                She paused, as if pondering on his words.

                "The Sith Council must first approve you, after which you will then be presented with a list of active Masters from which to choose from. Patience, Voldenmort, is also an advisable quality of a potential Sith Apprentice."

                Zena proceeded with her inquiry.

                "Have you any skills of which would prove to be an instrumental attribute?"


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                  Lana kept quiet, muted, as she walked to Sieken and stood at his side. Her eyes were tiresome and troubled. Watching the hopeful caused her more exertion.
                  The disciple didn't add her usual two-cents, but merely looked on with a small frown pasted on her face.



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                    Looking to the both of them....

                    I say unto you I have the skills of my light-saber, and with the use of my mine; I can easily persuade the toughtest of all to turn to my side. So therefore, I have the mind and physical abilities to do what tasks I mush perform.


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                      Re: Looking to the both of them....

                      Zena gave a quick nod.

                      "Excellent Voldenmort, but beware the trap of overconfidence. Many zealous apprentices have fallen prey to the underestimation of their enemies. Their myriad corpses litter the perimeter. I fought a wraith at one of my training sessions, I almost succumbed to his powers that were quite alien to me. Cunning beast, and not without the skills of a seasoned predator. Had it not been for my Master's interference on my behalf...well..enough said..."

                      She cringed at the memory that made her lose face, and almost her life.

                      Zena's past Mercenary days dictated she would become a brazen Disciple.