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    The doors to the large Recruitment Center opened with a creeking noise. Slowly the figure of a woman emerged from behind them. Her bright Cyan eyes looked about before fully entering into the room. Quietly she walked to the center and stood alone, not seeing anyone else there. The shadows seemed to dance upon the walls and it brought a warm feeling of darkness to her soul. The woman's light brown skin glistened against her blonde hair....very light in color. A cold smile played upon her lips as she thought about her future. Hopefully the people here would accept her....even though she was half Lupine. Gently she rubbed the tattoo on the underside of her left wrist, wondering if she would indeed live up to what it meant. Finally she spoke, despite the uncertainty she was feeling.

    "Great Sith.....I come before you and ask for admittance to the Sith Empire. I wish to serve the Darkness whole heartedy.....for this is where I belong. I have been called to this service and will give my life over for the cause of the Empire. It is my destiny...."

    She called out softly, but in a powerful way. Hopefully someone had heard her. Looking down at the floor, something caught her eye. It was as if the shadows were getting closer to her. The feeling was a bit comforting.....but curious. She desired to know if someone was in the room with her. Only one could hope...

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    "How quaint."

    The shadow that drew nearer towered above Danya, smothering her in darkness. Upon looking up her eyes meet with luminious cyan staring back down at the them.

    "Why have you come here of all places? Why not The Sith Order or another band of darksiders?"


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      Danya looked up and met the eyes of another. He was very handsome, and his sudden appearance made her heart skip a beat. She smiled darkly and eyed him for a moment before speaking.

      "This is the greatest organization of them all! The Sith Order holds no power compared to that of the Empire, and as far as other places to go....I do not seek to be a Dark Jedi.....I hold more hatred than them. Anger rules my soul and darkness is in my heart..."

      The woman answered. Something suddenly struck a string in her heart as she stood there with him. It was an odd that she had only had in dreams. His eyes were so familiar and he was so strong. She was thrown back into sudden reality as she remembered what she was doing here in the first place. She wanted to be accepted into the Empire....


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        "How very nice for you," he said in a mocking tone, disregarding the unusual looks she was giving him.

        "So I assume then that you have experience in the darkside, hmm?"


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          Danya could not take his words in a negative way...there was just something about him. Shaking off the thoughts, she smiled coldly and nodded.

          "Indeed....I accidentally killed a man....but I loved it. Then my family disowned me because of it...saying I was a freak. I hate them so much! Always taking me places to try to get rid of me. They knew I was too powerful to let them live....they feared me and the hate that was growing within my heart. I have found myself able to do strange things. When someone made me angry....I concentrated a little and I could make something bad happen to them, whatever I wished. There are other things, though...."

          She said softly as she looked down. She had not fully smiled for her canines were just a bit more elongated than everyone else's. Her family was not like that, and she knew that she must have been adopted or given away to them. It was a terrible feeling to know that there were people out there who had wanted to rid themselves of her just as this family had wanted to. She wondered what was so wrong with her that everyone seemed to disown her. Now she did not know where she came from....but whoever her parents of them was Lupine....


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            He leant down towards the girl, his lips pursing in a thin sly smile.

            "What a black little heart you must have then, eh?"

            He rose back up to his full height, sneering.

            "So then, appart from your healthy lust for death, what do you think you can bring to the Empire, newcomer?"


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              Danya smiled once again. Indeed.....her heart was dark and she was proud of it. Looking up at the man she spoke in response to his question.

              "I bring my eternal dedication. I bring to the Empire one who is willing to be molded into a weapon. I have the heart of a Warrior and I am ready to bring honor to this great any cost....."

              The young woman spoke with deep sincerity. She would give her life to be a part of the Sith Empire...the desire she felt to be here was greater than anything she had ever felt before. This was her destiny, she could feel it.


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                A tall man in the shadows gave the newcomer a nod. He watched as Lord Vega questioned the girl, and smiled at her answers. He had a strange question to ask, like he always did, but it came after all of the traditional questions were asked. He simply watched and waited, observing how this one faired.


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                  "Molded into a weapon, you say?"

                  Vega brought one up to his chin and rubbed it in a mock show of thought.

                  "And can you use a weapon?"


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                    Danya smiled coldly and nodded.

                    "Indeed, I can use a weapon...several...."

                    She pulled back her black cloak and revealed a belt containing two holsters that were carrying two prized blasters. She was also carrying several small throwing knives and a dagger. Oh yes...she could use weapons indeed.

                    "If you wish...I will prove my handeling of them...."

                    The woman asked softly, noting that the man probably did not believe her after the way he had been acting thus far. In case he did not...she was ready to show all that she could do.


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                      Xavier steps out of the shadows slowly and slides his hands back through his hair. His gaze goes from his Master Vega to the newcomer.

                      "Those are Barbaric weapons. I think a better question, Master, is could she learn to use this."

                      He unhooks the hilt of his saber from his belt and ignites one end of the black hued, double-bladed saber. He spins it at his side then disengages it, sliding it onto the clip at his belt again.

                      "Do you think you can..?"


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                        ' Welcome' Said Sieken his voice rather quiet.


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                          "You'll have your chance to proove yourself with a saber if you're accepted," he said with a smirk, glancing to Xavier with a slight nod.


                          Vega rose one eyebrow somewhat and turned to look at Tempist.

                          "You have a question... Fire. I have nothing more to ask this one."


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                            Danya bowed in respect to the other Sith that had joined in her questioning session. She would be very honored to learn how to use a saber.....and more than willing. When Vega spoke to the other man, she turned to him and bowed once again, giving him her full attention. There was a lot of power in the room, she could feel it....and that is what she longed for. This power...this darkness....she remained quiet and respectful while she awaited the next questions that would be asked of her.


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                              Xavier nods slowly to his Master, giving a slight bow with the nod. He turns his attention back to the newcomer and cracks his neck quietly as he turns his head to the left then to the right.

                              "What is the Darkside to you?"