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Separstion of one....joining of another

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  • Separstion of one....joining of another

    It must've been about 11:00 at night now. The sky was black and forbboding, thick grey clouds seemed to gather so suddenly. A lone figure walked among all these things. He was on a mission, a mission of self discovery and learning. He was known as Malice Draclau, a sith knight of The Sith Order.

    Though he no longer belonged to that order as he had left sometime ago. His reasons being he wanted to widen his knowledge about the force and of the darkisde. Far be it from him to doubt TSO's methods of teaching the darkisde, for they were as good as any other sith was. But Malice also wanted to meet knew faces, faces that appeared and disappeared from The Sith he was told.

    The sith was clad in a white cloak, his face hidden under a white hood. Walking along a stone street, he could feel the dark aura of the empire getting closer. Within a matter of minutes, the demon sith knight was at the bottom of a set of stairs leading to the entrance into the palace. Looking up Malice walked on in confidence, wether they would accept him or not he did not know. Only time would tell.

    The knight made it to the doorway in a matr of minutes, and with a simple push the two big doors had opened. Walking in he looked around. Darkness was everywhere, a good sign that much evil is present. Evil that the knigt himself could feel gather around his body. Looking forward Malice spoke out loud, wondering if someone was near enough to hear him.

    *I come looking for admittance into the Empire*

    All he could do now was wait and see.

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    "Well, well, well..."

    He strode forth into view, a deeply amused looking smile on his face. Vega approached Malice with a swagger, arms folded over his chest as he watched the so called demon.

    "It seems our at friends the Sith Order are having a sudden change of heart about their loyalties."

    He chuckled softly.

    "I can understand why you would want to come here instead of there, but I want to hear the reasoning for it from you."


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      Tempist stood just barely showing from the shadows. "This should be most amusing," he thought to himself. Him and Malice had never gotten along, nad almost killed eachother on two seperate occasions. Malice's reasoning for coming here would be very entertaining indeed.


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        She stood in the darkest corner of the room and watched silently. This had been the first time she had been here since she requested readmittance but paid no mind to that as of now. Leaning against the wall, she kept quiet.. not speaking until she felt the moment was right.



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          Malice gavea bow of his head to lord Vega.

          *My loyalty shal never waver. TSO has been like family to me and shall always be like family. But as in every family, one must oneday venture out on heir own and discover new things, and learn those things*

          Malice could feel two others within the room. Henew one of them,quite well infact. The other was a mystery to him. He paid no mind to them for now, his focus was on hat of Lord Van derveld.

          *So as for my reasons, i simply wish to expand my knowledge within the darkside, i want variety. TSO has understood that and let me leave......the question is wil the Empire understandthis and let me join*


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            The useral sercastic grin struck Siekens face like a wave on the ocean, he face holding an expression that Malicecould not take offence by. Sieken like always walked in snapping his fingers the bones cracking and ecoeing within the stone crafted room lit by candels and small lanterns.

            Sieken looked towards Vega, gave a short not then turned his head slowly to Malice.

            ' It seems that the TSO gives out titles such as knight like the local Hutt give words of look nothing like a knight...your about as Demonish as the crack in that wall over there.' He said genturing to a large crack in the grey stone wall.

            ' You did not in my opinion answer my friends question correctly..there must be other reasons. He said his head tilted in ammusement and his eyebrows raised.


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              "How are we to know that someday the Empire's family will not be what you want anymore, hmm? Your past does not lend a good word to you, Malice, you will need simply more than your tag from The Sith Order to gain you admission and respect here."


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                Malice at first just stared at Sieken.

                *Well then, oneday i shall show you why i was made knight. Then you can judge me*

                Malice then turned his attention back to Vega.

                *I would hope not my admittance be judged only on what i have done in TSO. But as i have also always been and probably always will be, i am attracted to power. Yes TS as power, but not like the Empire. An so, i have come to grasp this power*

                Malice went silent for a moment. It seemed he would indeed have to pick his words wisely, unless he wanted to find himself fighting his way out of here.

                *The darkside has lead me here, just as it has lead many other's before me, and many other's after me. The dark powerhere i great......and i want that power. And wih such power, i shall make the jedi swim in their own blood*

                Malice stopped his speech to give Sieken a sly stare.

                *Or anyone alse that would dare stand in my way*

                The demon knight now just looked at Vega, looking at his experessions.

                *The Sith empire is where i shall remain till i either fall in battle, or die of boredom and old age. For i do not plan on leaving to go anywhere, not in this lifetime*


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                  "Malice, do not threaten Sieken, or any other members of the Empire. I can assure you that it is not a quality we look for in our members," Vega snorted.

                  "As for your acception ... It seems that you only reason for approaching us here is because you want power ... "


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                    Standing in Vega's shadow, it was as if he towered over her. The Sith Knight watched Malice answer the questions thrown at him, silently, through the glass of her helmet.


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                      Malice just looe at Vega, then gave him a slight nod.

                      *My apology, It seems i was a bit.....out of line there*

                      Malice then thought about an answer for Vega's observation.

                      *Answer me this lord Vega, who does not want power. Every man or woman wants power in their lifetime, so i am no different. But there are other reasons for my coming here. But if you want the truth.

                      Malice decided he might as well not beat around the ush and just go ahead with it already.

                      *I was getting...tired with TSO. I needed to get out. so i left. But i decided that i shall not let TSO stop me in oneday becoming a powerful sith and so, i have come here to ask for admittance so that i may continue my training. also on my list for one such member at TSO. Not only that though, with my master constantly gone it has been rather dull in my trainings with her. And training others is not much of a replacement i might add*

                      Malice was now silent. He had forgotten how long these questioning periods could go. He never had to do another since he first joined TSO. Though the sit had learned to be paitent and so would last throug his for however long he had to.


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                        "And what of the Empire? Is it simply a tool for you to use to further your own plans?" he quipped swiftly.


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                          Malice shook his head in reply.

                          *I do not see it that way. I think of the Empire as a new master, i seek the Empire not to use, but to help me in fulfilling what i desire. That is, my revenge and my will to gain power. It would be foolish for me, or anyone else to try and use the Empire. For that might oneday lead to a terrible downfall*


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                            As quick as lightning Siekens saber had been drawn and ignighted the green glow erected from the base of the metel cylinder. The green just inches from the so called demons kneck on full lengh. Siekesn eyes had sqinted together in anger his grip on the saber unmoveable, unshakable fromhis concentration on the beats eyes.

                            'I dont take to kindly to words of foolish immortals such as yourself...nore do i like the way you aplogised to Vega when it is i you directed the challenge to, do not take such tones with me foolish demon or your horns will be a trophy on my bedroom wall.' i said flipping the switch on the saber, and the green slipping back into its home.


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                              With a quick grin, Tempist sent a message to Sieken through the force.

                              Calm down, he isn't immortal. He bleeds like us, and he can be killed... his own corruption is his downfall. His hunger for power will lead him into the hands of death, and he shall not escape before the ferryman's icy hands close up on him.

                              He spoke verbaly again, now to Malice.

                              "Malice, it would seem that you already have a large portion of the Empire against you. You well know that the only way you will be admited is if you have gone through some sort of meraclous (sp?) transition, which you have already shown, will never take place. You've got alot of gall, but that isn't enough."