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  • Arrival

    Light padded movement echoes in the mute silence, the shroud of darkness enveloping the area. A lone figure processes threw the darkness, his shape a simple silhouette in the dark abyss, his silent procession coming to an abrupt halt. The faint image of his body painted across the canvas of the blackness no more then a simple outline of his physical structure, the view from beneath his nose was the only area captured by faint light. And the silhoutte simply stood, awaiting the presence of another, not any other, but that of a specific being which he had been longing for.

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    ::Saharia watched a shadow come, another arrival wanting to be recurited. Then why didnt the person come out and introduce themselves::

    If you wish to join, please come out where others can see you. If you dont then you may wait for whatever it is your waiting for or leave.


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      The black abyss continued to absorb, eating the silhouette within its unfathomable maw. The silhouette solemnly stood, emotionless statue that it was. Though the low class being presented before him, beckoning him forward, its tongue finding no ear from the silhouette. She did not know, for those that he seeked, could see him just clearly, to them, the silhouette was waving a bright colored flag.


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        " Do you not wish to join? "

        :: A booming voice echoes from beyond the Shadows and Darkness, Phantom was a creature of the Shadows and knew them better then anyone. Suddenly a presence consumed in Evil and Darkness hits the Council Room like a shockwave, sending chills down the spines of nearly all ::


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          Prone to the shadows himself, Daegal was standing near his friend and comrade, Sith Lord Darth Phantom. His question echoed the Lord's own, but since Phantom had spoken, Daegal kept quiet, and kept to the shadows.


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            OOC: "Quote:low class".
            Halo, I may be only a disciple here, but I am still a member. You'll be on the same level IF your accepted.

            ::Saharia heard nothing, and awaited a sound. There was someone in the shadows, and she watched for movement::