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The lone broken one.

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  • The lone broken one.

    He is not all that tall 5'9" or so long red hair, and an expression of pure apathy on his face.
    " I am looking for a master. I have seen the ways of the Force and am disgusted by it. By rights of study I wish to speak with a master. I have been training for weeks now in the ways of the Sith. That is the only way."
    Proped up against the wall Rafasius plays with his beard and awaits the answer he is so looking forward to finding.

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    A deep voice is heard from the shadows, speaking in a mocking tone.

    "If you hate the force, then why have you come here? We all use the force as well. Unless you mean that you only hate the light...."

    A tall, muscular man steped out from the darkness, although it seemed to encompass his body still. His peircing eyes looked the man over, and he spoke again.

    "My name is Tempist Opps. What have you come here for?"


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      Rafasius looks to the man, and realize's his error. In his haste, he had inadvertantly moked the Force.
      "Forgive me master. I did only mean that it is the light I am sick of." Raf bows low and sweeps his arm out in front of him.
      "I have come in search of a master. One who can train me in the only true way, the Dark Side. I have been a part of the light and it has done nothing but scorn and hate me. So now i seek retribution. And I seek the One true path."
      Raf bows a second time. He is not afraid but rather, shaken on wether or not he will be accepted. His muscles tell that he is a warrior honed to his highest quality. But he is just a man, and still needs to fit in the universe somehow.


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        ' Welcome to the empire' Sieken said from the back


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          Not startled by the fact that some one is behind him, Raf turns around and flashes a toothy grin.
          "Hello there my friend, and who might you be? I am in need of a master."
          Raf holds his hand up in a show of peace.
          "Might you know of one to take me as there apprentice?"


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            OOC (out of character):
            Hello and welcome to the roleplaying boards. I would like to point out some informative links listed at the top of this forum as well as other recruitment threads in here that will give you a pretty good feel for how things work. If you have any further questions about the roleplay, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks. <img src= ALT="">


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              OOC: No thank you Dara. Any help is appreciated.


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                "Answer the questions first, then the Council'll decide if you get a master or not. What drew you to the darkside, and why did you pick TSE? There are other dark organizations in the universe..."


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                  " I used to be a Jedi... but on an archeological dig, I discoverd a Sith lightsaber, most likley from the Sith Wars, when I laid hands on it..... I knew that my life was forever different. It had been nothing but strife before that point. Even the Jedi couldn't save me. I know now that I don't need saved. My anger is a gift. I must embrace the Dark Side. My saber demands it, and I want it.'
                  " And The Sith Empire seemed to me in my seaching to be the most organized perhaps. Although I understand that I have caused some what of a bit of havoc as of late, running around like a fool. For that I am sorry."
                  Raf bows low and apoligizes again with all sincerity.


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                    He listened intently to the man's tale, and waved off the appology.

                    "Save the groveling for the council. How far did your jedi masters train you, what force prowress do you have?"