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New blood.....(Dios Kane)

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  • New blood.....(Dios Kane)

    A cloaked figure entered the Recruitment Center...silently walking until she stopped in the center of the room. She herself had stood here just days ago, seeking admittance into the Sith she had brought blood. Removing the cloak from her head, the dim light cast shadows upon her face as she met eyes with the Council Members.

    "Greetings great I bring before you a being that seeks to give the Jedi what they deserve. A being who's heart is filled with darkness and a lust for revenge....a being that seeks the truth, and wishes to find it here."

    The young woman bowed when she finished and stepped to the side, revealing the newcomer. Dios who sought revenge against a Jedi.....Tomak Ohara....a weak little Padawan who chased after false hopes and dreams. Dios was strong and the darkness was strong within him......hopefully he would please the Council.....

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    Kane stepped forward as he watched Danya step back but quickly turned his attention to the council. "I am Dios Kane and my name is the death sentence of Tomak Ohara." Dios thought for a moment, not caught offgaurd by the power that the council emmitted but caught in reverence of the sheer ability they created that made him feel inferior. He could feel them probing his mind; he was sure they would find that he would be just what they wanted. He cared to this point only so much. He didn't know these people and didn't know if they had been piosoned by Tomak either but he trusted Danya and he put his distrust away. These people would help him and he would help them, an eternal relationship. "Council, Have do what you will with me. I only ask that you will train me and let me learn the ways that I might destroy Tomak Ohara and make everyone infected by his evil suffer with him." Dios sank to one knee and waited.


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      ::Saharia walked out and studied the man the other sith had introduced. She was curious about this man who hated this Tomak. Turning to the female sith she asked her a private message::

      What did he do to prove this hatred?

      ::To the public she sent a different message::

      Welcome Dios Kane. This is the place where revenge can grow at it's best. To have a fellow siths vouch for you is encouraging but there is still a lot more to prove.


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        Danya flashed a sinister smile as he spoke. Then the woman who had stayed with her the night of the storm, spoke in her mind once again.

        He lashed out at the Jedi and then came to me, seeking a way to harness his aggression and use it to his advantage. That way, he could get his revenge on the Jedi....and Tomak Ohara, Padawan of the Greater Jedi Order...

        She replied back to the woman in secret before turning her attention back to the Council to see what they would say of Dios....


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          :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide looked up from her council chair briefly to look upon the newcomer ::

          "He shall go through the usual questioning process like all other recruits. Perhaps some other members will show up shortly and begin. Patience is necessary as we take the time we need to assess whether you have what it takes to join us."

          :: She nodded and then returned her attention to making entries on her holopad ::

          <table width=380 height=200 background="" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">[c]
          <TD align=center valign=bottom width=380 height=200 cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
          <MARQUEE scrollAmount=1 direction=up width=360 height=70>

          </font><font face="ms sans serif" size=1 color=#ffffff>
          Dara Shadowtide

          Rank: Sith Master

          Affiliation: The Sith Empire, Council Member

          Apprentice to: Lady Dia, Darth Havok

          Sister to: Athena Lady Darknss, Lyra Darkstar,
          Dalethria Mal Pannis

          Master to: Raine Sarin, Darth Varlon, Vega Van Derveld,
          Dyne Darkforce, Athena Lady Darknss, Bi0 Hazzard,
          Daegal Murdoch, Lady Callista, Lord Sabre, Alisa Sha,
          Lyra Darkstar, Kekoa Alkarin, Rothmar Dujek,
          Dark Jedi Kitano, Lana Westbrooke, Michin Troval,
          Abydos Nighthawk, Anubis Lockheart

          Mentor to: Nikka DarkStorm

          Wields: A pale blue lightsaber, a turquoise lightsaber,
          Staff of the Tides

          "Do not talk about what you have done
          or what you are going to do...
          do it, and let it speak for itself."

          <a href=AIM:GoIM?ScreenName=SithMasterDara>AIM</a> <a href=>Bio</a> <a href=>The Sith Empire</a> <a href=>Tides of Darkness</a>



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            Dios realized that he had time and he would be summoned when needed so he got up and left. As he walked out the door, he dripped of anticipation and hatred, maybe he had enough time to hunt.


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              :: Dara noticed the new recruit leave the area and looked over at Danya ::

              "It looks as if he has changed his mind about joining.."


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                Dios returns with a little blood running down his arm. "Forgive my absence, I had a date with a devil." He returns to his kneeling position and waits for the next reply, "I need this power more than anything else, Tomak bested me again using his force and I am feeding upon my own anger to heal my wound. I ask that I might be accepted to your powers once again." He looked up at Danya, looked back to the council member, " I never left Mistress, I merely had a nightmare."


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                  Dios realized that he had time and he would be summoned when needed so he got up and left. As he walked out the door, he dripped of anticipation and hatred, maybe he had enough time to hunt.
                  Looks like you left to me. I was only responding to what I saw you post. Also, when you e-mail me be sure to list your e-mail or enable your private messaging so that I may respond Dios, thanks.