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A Brother to a Death Knight...

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  • A Brother to a Death Knight...

    Thayin Nuevole walked confidently into the inner sanctum of the Sith Empire, his demeanor was confident, his dark purpose was focused on one thing. To pledge his loyalty to the TSE!

    After leaving his younger brother Soth Nuevole on Roon, Thayin made his way to Munto Codru seeking the powerful Sith Master, Jedah Lynch. For long hour's at the Shrine, Thayin consulted Soth about his venture to the Sith Empire. Soth gave his dark blessing then reluctantly relieved his older brother as his commander for the time being over his troop's as general. There was a darker intent to why Thayin wished to join the Sith Empire but all stories eventually would unfold in good time.

    Thayin walked directly to the grand entrance to where the senate council resided. The magnificent structure spoke volume's of word's to an Imperial power that would always hold the rein's of ultimate jurisdiction over the known galaxy! Who could ever shake their foundation? Thayin smirked at the thought. He knew what he had to offer, his sibling brother Soth and himself had fought in countless campaign's together. Thayin's military genus and cunning had won Soth's armies allegiance long ago. His men simply loved their commander...The TSE would admire Thayin's dedication and loyalty to them. He was made for war!

    "I seek the one who call's himself,...master Lynch." Thayin's word's were straight to the point as he eye'd the Imperial guard. Thayin was hell bent to see the Sith Master regardless...He would not leave the planet of Munto Codru until he received what he had come for!

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    A call had made its way to the dark entity that was the Sith Master, casually he rose up from his meditative state and retrieved his cloak that he wrapped around his shoulders before connecting a saber to his side that would be hidden until the need if any for it occurred.

    Standing still for the briefest of instants he focused on the one who had come seeking him out. He reached out to the void and beyond before tapping into the force and seeing with his own eyes what was not in front of him but elsewhere.

    There stood the visitor waiting and there in front of the man stood an astral image of the Sith Master who invisible to the naked eye reached out for the newcomer, his fingers inches from Thayins face.

    A voice caused the new arrival to turn as he saw there standing in dark clothing the man he had wanted to speak with.

    "You wished to see me. State your business"


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      Thayin had not waited long when his inquiry with the Sith master was promptly met. Slowly Thayin turned to see a shimmering image of the Sith master himself...With respect, Thayin bowed his eye's momentarily from the one his brother told him about. He could feel the power of the darkside welling from the astral figure, a gripping presence that even caused the Imperial guard's near them to kneel. And even though Jedah Lynch was only an image in front of Thayin, he still showed the man a deep respect as if he were standing in the there in the flesh.

      "Master Lynch, I am Thayin Nuevole, elder brother to Master Soth...I am not a man of many word's Master Lynch...So I'll cut to the chase...I wish to learn of your way's, that's if you'll have me." Thayin eye's were still diverted to the ground as he spoke. Jedah knew at first glance that there was obviously more to the man that addressed him...He already possessed skill's, skill's he had learned from the Death Knight himself!


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        The astral image never gave any hint of approval nor of flat out refusal at the mans words, the ghostly image floated inches off the ground with its soul less eyes that lacked any true definition where his pupils would be.

        It had no doubt the person had been educated in the fine arts of war, how much had Soth taught him about the Sith ways he was not yet sure but that was no issue for Lynch had many ways to discern the extent and level of ones abilities and skills.

        How much might this one had taught Soth he wondered being the elder out of the two. It was something he would make sure to rub into the other Sith when he next saw him.

        "You wish to be trained by me. My time is valuable and not to be wasted upon the weak and those that are fitting for the pits of death. We shall see where you fit in."

        The astral image began to tear up and rip apart back into nothing leaving only a final few words for the man to hear.

        "Soon you will be called to see if you are worthy to survive. Be ready and we will see where you stand."


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          Thayin slowly looked up as the image of the Sith Master deteriorated into nothingness. A wiry smile etched it's way across his face as he thought of the pointed word's of the dark Sith.

          "My time is valuable and not to be wasted upon the weak and those that are fitting for the pits of death. We shall see where you fit in." Thayin eye's then narrowed in a furrow as he contemplated Jedah word's. How little at this point did the master see in the inquiring outlander.

          "The pit's of death...The weak! HAaa!" Thayin mockingly thought to himself. Thayin knew all to well what that abyss held for the frail and incompetent. He had been there, many time's! Not as a victim of it's eternal shackle's, but on the contrary, ...As master of it!

          "Yes, master Lynch, we shall see where I fit in!...Indeed, we shall."