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Arrival and Admittance

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  • Arrival and Admittance

    Brace Ardane, an Ex-Smuggler, strides confidently to the entrance of the Sith Empire and stops upon reaching it. He crosses his arms and stares to the doorway with narrowed eyes. The 24 year old man releases a breath, his chest and arms rising and falling with the action, and gathers the Dark Side within him, knowing very little of it but enough to tap into it and weild it. He raises his right arm to fully extend to the entrance and draws on the gathered Dark Side Energies to force the door open and allow him passage.

    He drops his arms back down to his side and continues forward in his confident stride, his only armaments being a sword of Mandalorian Iron, shaped like a Falchion, and a Heavy Repeater. Upon entering a good but small distance, he halts himself completely, staring forward and awaiting someone, anyone.

    "I've come to receive training in the ways of the Dark Side."

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    *A voice suddenly was heard from the shadows. Who it belong to however, could not be seen. The words echoed off the walls, making it difficult to tell exactly where they were coming from.*

    "Does not everyone who enters this place speak those same words and have that same desire?"

    *It was silent for some time, the echoes finally dying away before a figure stepped from the shadows. It was that of a young man, pale and cadaverous, with hints of horns that showed from underneath a mass of messy dark blue hair. As the light hit more of the figure, one could start to see the light tattoos that danced across his face as well as much of his body that was covered by a simple black shirt, black coat, black pants, and strange black boots.
    Sith Lord came to a halt just outside the shadows that had kept him hidden from view before.*

    "What makes you so special; so unlike all the others I see in here day and night?"


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      Arrival and Admittance

      Brace remains facing forward, not making an attempt to seek out the one who 'greets' him. He brings his arms up to cross over his chest, listening through the words and finally glancing a bit to his side to take in the sight of the emerging figure.

      "Must I truely voice my opinion on myself? Boast about myself? Hmmm, I fail to see how that expresses my true abilities."


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        "Your opinion of yourself does not matter here," the young Zabrakian Sith hissed. "Only facts apply. Facts like what truly brought you here, what the Darkside means to you, and what separates you from the rest of those pathetic beings that are always wishing to learn the ways of the Sith; those are what matter here and now. One should not be in need of bragging if the words that come from your mouth are the truth, rather than a tale where the fish gets bigger every time the story is told."

        *Perhaps if Brace had come here a few hours different than the time he did, he would not have had to deal with this particular Sith Lord. He might even have encountered one of the more welcoming members. However, fate or just bad timing had decided on the newcomer's meeting with the ill tempered Sith Lord, Raine Sarin.*


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          Arrival and Admittance

          Brace raised a brow to his and rubbed his chin in thought. After a brief, but seemingly long, pause he finally restored his voice, speaking aloud to the man.

          "Ambition to strive for my true potential. Desire for power. I wish for the best of training and know I can only receive such at this location, the inferiority of other groups will not suffice. This drives me on my quest to receive training in the Dark Side of the Force. What seperates me from the rest though? I could not say. I do not know the rest and will not judge them. I am dedicated to the paths I choose though and if I am not already better then the others, I will strive to be."


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            *A wicked, twisted smile formed on the Sith Lord's face. He slowly started to circle the man, his footsteps echoing in the room.*

            "And what of your past? What leads you to believe you have this potential you speak of? When was the first time you believe you felt it was there?"


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              ~Sith Warrior Princess Alisa Sha enters the recruitment area silently and observes one of her masters speaking with a new person. She stands against the wall and crosses her arms, watching and waiting.~


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                Arrival and Admittance

                Brace turned his head back to stare forward, allowing the man to pace around him without looking to him. Brace dropped his arms down and clasped them at the small of his back as he listened, then replied.

                "I am an Ex-Smuggler. I began working with and as a Smuggler on a Marauder Class Corvette at about the age of 15. Pirate raids were a typical thing for me and I showed no remorse in dispatching them then ejecting them into space, like the wastes and garbage of a ship. Nearly a year ago, a trap was set and I was ambushed. I nearly perished but when I was filled with rage, anger, hat, I unleashed it all, resulting in a violent wave of the force casting them back into the bulkheads of my ship. I then proceeded to slaughter their fallen forms with a speed and ruthelessness I had never experienced before. I was empowered and I thoroughly enjoyed it."


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                  "So you admit to enjoying the killing of your attackers."

                  *The Sith Lord came to a stop directly in front of Brace, his cruel, maddened eyes, one the color of fire, the other grey like a corpse, met with Brace's.*

                  "Tell me this, could you kill the innocent with just as much pleasure?"


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                    Arrival and Admittance

                    Brace turns his own eyes down to Raine, locking his own in a commanding stare.

                    "Not as much pleasure, as a rage driving the killing always raises the 'fun' of the act. I find more rage, not against civilians, but ones who go against me. Though the death of a few innocent never harmed myself."


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                      "Very well. I have no further questions."

                      *The Sith Lord stepped back slightly before turning around and leaning against one of the pillars in the room.*

                      "The Council shall decide your fate from this point."


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                        :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide rose from her council chair and walked down the steps to stand before the newcomer, nodding to fellow comrades present. A dim crimson hue illuminated in her eyes as she gazed upon him ::

                        "Greetings. I am Sith Master Dara Shadowtide, one of the leaders of this organization. What is the Dark Side to you?"

                        <table width=380 height=200 background="" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">[c]
                        <TD align=center valign=bottom width=380 height=200 cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
                        <MARQUEE scrollAmount=1 direction=up width=360 height=70>

                        </font><font face="ms sans serif" size=1 color=#ffffff>
                        Dara Shadowtide

                        Rank: Sith Master

                        Affiliation: The Sith Empire, Council Member

                        Apprentice to: Lady Dia, Darth Havok

                        Sister to: Athena Lady Darknss, Lyra Darkstar,
                        Dalethria Mal Pannis

                        Master to: Raine Sarin, Darth Varlon, Vega Van Derveld,
                        Dyne Darkforce, Athena Lady Darknss, Bi0 Hazzard,
                        Daegal Murdoch, Lady Callista, Lord Sabre, Alisa Sha,
                        Lyra Darkstar, Kekoa Alkarin, Rothmar Dujek,
                        Dark Jedi Kitano, Lana Westbrooke, Michin Troval,
                        Abydos Nighthawk, Anubis Lockheart

                        Wields: A pale blue lightsaber, a turquoise lightsaber,
                        Staff of the Tides

                        "Do not talk about what you have done
                        or what you are going to do...
                        do it, and let it speak for itself."

                        <a href=AIM:GoIM?ScreenName=SithMasterDara>AIM</a> <a href=>Bio</a> <a href=>The Sith Empire</a> <a href=>Tides of Darkness</a>



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                          Arrival and Admittance

                          Brace turns his eyes over to the newly entered women, remaining collected even after discovering she is of a high rank and his answer will probably affect his future.

                          "My Life, my destiny and power."


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                            The sith warrior Jared stood partically in the shadows, The newcomer's answer to Lordess Dara intruged him.

                            "So, Explain a bit deeper if you dont mind. What do you mean by 'My Life.'?"


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                              Arrival and Admittance

                              "If I become strong in the Dark Side I could very well save my own life even if at the cost of anothers. Actually, escpecially if at the cost of an enemies. What better place to learn the Dark Side then The Sith Empire, the only place I can truley grow stronger."