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  • Reception

    "Ethan Stryder, I am here before you to present myself with intentions of being admitted into the Empire," a voice snapped from the shadows, clearly succinct and bold. Protruding from the darkened veil stood a man, peeking just over six-foot, a trailing black overcoat reaching to his ankles; concealing most of his body. With arms folded collectively over his torso, he seemed the least bit worried, his posture appearing very stern and his expression impassive. A stare remained fixated towards the curtain of shadows where the Council would reside, eager to hear the inquiries they would ask.

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    "How interrresss-ting,"

    Came the bland yet underlyingly sarcastic reply from the Vampyre Sith. A man - barely a man - stood a good 6 foot 7 inches tall watching the newcomer. He had ice white skin and jet black skin, with two small fangs prying over his lower lip.

    "I-sss that all you have to say or isss there more?"


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      ::Saharia stood silently half in the darkness, her eyes watching the new arrival::

      Intentions? Well if you have intentions there better be more

      ::Saharia looked at the vampyre and nodded a hello::


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        The voices poured from the darkness, yet Ethan remained with his arms folded calmly, his gaze fixated infront of him. He wasn't keen on conversing with the disciples, but he needed to show his reverence for the other members of the Empire as well to show his worth.

        "What else do you have in mind for me to say?"

        His eyes fell upon the vampyric man, a lofted eyebrow questioning him.

        [ooc] Sorry for the delay, been swamped with work the past week and just found the time for the internet.


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          ::She had felt a slight moment of pause, perhaps because they were disciples and she smiled coldly.::

          Do not measure a person on their status newcomer, size them up on the fact they are actually studying the darkside, and all sith have the right to ask questions in these halls.
          First of all, why do you wish to join the sith empire and what can you bring to it?
          You can be sure a sith master will hear every word said, whether they be in front of you or not

          ::Saharia was not stupid and did not pretend to be, for the sith masters always seemed to know what was going on. She looked coldly on the newcomer, though not with anger, but with the feeling of indifference as he had not shown anything to bring on her interest as yet::


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            Salem remained indifferent, and though his words were those of anger came out in a very monotonuos tone.

            "I have nothing in mind forrr you to sss-ay, and if the case isss the same for you yourself, newcomer, then I suggest you leave now. Over confidence i-sss not a trait to be proud of, especially when there is so little ability behind it to back it up."


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              "No one challenged your right to ask questions," a glance averted towards the female; studying the Disciple attentively, "I wish to join the Empire for the same reason as almost all that step into these halls, to expand my knowledge of the Sith, and ascend my abilities with the Force. As for what I can offer the Empire..." he paused, "My already adept combative skills could prove an exceptional gain for the Empire."

              Once again, his espionage moved towards the throng of the Council. A canting smirk pressed against the man's lips, awaiting the next question to be fired at him.


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                "An exceptional gain?"

                An amused smile played on the Disciples lips momentarily.

                "What make-sss you think you arrre any differrrent from the others who claim to be exceptional?"


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                  ::Saharia did not show any expression::

                  And what do you mean by exceptional gain? What are your talents you consider beneficial to the empire?


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                    "Funny," came a remark from the Disciple as she stepped out into view. "Last time I checked, the Sith didn't particularly like newcomers who didn't respect the members of the Empire." Quirking an eyebrow, Syren's blue eyes rested on Ethan.

                    "Or am I out of date?"


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                      The novelty turned his attention back towards the vampyre, revealing nothing more than an indifferent simper, "I could stand here all evening and feed you propaganda about how proficient I am with a lightsaber, or how great I am at combat. But, I'm sure you've heard it all before, from each soul that has passed through this hall. I was trained for several years by my former mentor, Warren Alcander, with the use of a lightsaber. He passed his extensive knowledge of the weapon to me, and I've been training in solitude since his death at perfecting my aptitude with this weapon. I lack knowledge and power with the Force, which is why I come to you. I only believe my combative nature could aid the Empire."

                      A new voice had entered the room, as Ethan shifted his stare towards Syren. "Respect? You believe I am disrespecting either of these Disciples? Just because I'm not cowering in deference, does not mean I lack respect for them. I acknowledge that to be part of this great Empire you must be an adroit fighter, and I hold high regards for any great fighter."


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                        ::Saharia looked at him with not very much response, not being one for pleasantry comments or any particularly elaborate manners.::

                        There a lot that come here and say they have extensive ability in fighting skills, which I am sure they do.
                        There is also the exception of what you wish to achieve. What is the dark side to you? Why did you choose the sith and not the jedi? What fuels your hate?
                        Skills can be taught, warriors can be made, but being a sith is different.

                        ::Saharia smiled coldly, she did not think he needed to bow down to them, only respect them for what they were, sith.
                        Syren was right, the sith did not like people who disrespected their members, to this she appreciated Syrens comment.
                        She wanted to know the answers to the questions, and that was her reason for being here. Not to discuss respect ideals for she had already been through that, but it was appreciated non-the-less::

                        Peace Syren, the masters will make their decision.

                        ::To Syren, fellow sith, her smile was warmer, but she did not let that distract herself from the object of her questions, Ethan::


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                          A tall man steped out from the shadows, and looked at the newcomer.

                          "Syren is already part of our organization, you are not yet. She has nothing to prove here, where as you do. If I were you, I would answer her question and not talk back. You are under the sanctuary of attempting to join, but if you are rejected, then nothing will protect you from those you have aggrivated. Now, what of those 'exceptional' skills you spoke of?"


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                            Syren's pale lips curved into a slight smile, as if trying to hold back laughter. This "Ethan" amused her - it would be interesting to see how long he would last in the Recruitment Center. Glancing at Saharia, she nodded her head slightly in acknowledgement then looked back at Ethan.


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                              'Welcome to the empire new one' Sieken said from te back.