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  • Rebel without a cause...

    Lina pushed open the huge doors, gawking around a bit. Her red hair covered half of her face, as she peered down into the dark corners. She gave a slight bow to whomever was present, and gently lifted herself back up again.

    "I wish to join the Empire, and to learn the ways of the darkside."

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    "And why would you want to do that? For fun?"

    A figure stepped into Lina's view, with a dark smile playing on his lips - revealing the elongated canines on his upper row of teeth.


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      The girl who had just walked in and bowed, greeted by Vega seemed awfully familiar. The Sith Knight tilted her head to the side, trying to remember that face. Flashbacks ran through her brain cells, one after another. But she remained quiet, and wanted to see how it'd turn out.



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        She was about to answer the question when she noticed Eve gawking at her in a corner. She squinted her eyes trying to remember her, for she seemed awkwardly familiar to her. Lina shook her head and then glanced back at the blonde man standing in front of her.

        "Joining the Empire is not a means of having fun, unless you think about all the killing and destroying, sir." She grinned at the thought of it, and folded her arms roughly over her chest. "I come here to learn and train under the masters of darkness, and to as well seek wisdom along the way."

        She finished off cracking her knuckles, breaking the silence after her reply.


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          Xavier steps out from the shadows slowly, tossing the bottom edges of his trenchcoat back behind him as he steps forward.

          "Why do you wish to be trained? What makes you different from every other person who comes in here?"


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            "Maybe it was just her destiny." Eve muttered, but loud enough so people could hear.

            That was a reason nobody ever mentioned before. The Sith Knight herself never had a true reason to come here, except to fight.


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              Xavier's eyes never avert from the newcomer even when he speaks to Eve.

              "With all due respect, Eve.. I would prefer her to answer the question herself."


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                "Precisely, Xavier. Every peon that steps through these doors claims they will be the next dark lord, when give the chance ... if they spoke truthfully, we would have destroyed the Jedi by now ... but alas, it does not look like we have done so, does it?"

                Vega canted his head, watching the red-haired girl.


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                  Xavier smiles slightly at his master and nods slowly. His gaze slowly returns back to the newcomer, his pale face showing no emotion except for the rage that is always in his ice blue eyes.


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                    Eve's head cocked to the side as Xavier talked to her. She remained silent, not because she didn't have anything to say, but simply because some things were better not to be said in the Council room. She simply smiled, and shrugged. He wouldn't understand. She had noticed the rage in his eyes, but didn't quite understand why. This girl had done nothing to him, why should he even be mad ?

                    And why was she smiling ? Ah, she finally remembered. X5-469. Lina. But what was she doing here ?


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                      Lina furrowed a brow at the quarrel that went on before she was about to reply to Xavier's question. She couldn't help but glance back at Eve again, because she answered the question for her.

                      Is she trying to get both of us killed ?

                      Lina shrugged off the thought and turned her head back to both Xavier and Vega whom awaited her response still.

                      "Umm," she paused for a few seconds, just to see if someone was going to interupt her again, but seeing it not so, she continued, "Standing out from the others, huh? Well, my main goal is to not 'try' but to 'do' what I will to be better among others, and to use my anger to help my skills of fighting strengthen greatly. Nothing different, but ... One thing's for sure I won't fail the Sith Empire and I'll never betray, unlike some @#%$ heads. But I will serve the Empire until I'm no longer needed."

                      She gave another final bow, and then lifted herself up again, waiting the response of Vega.


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                        "And if we do accept you, what will you be able to bring to the Empire? What skills do you possess already, and what do you foresee yourself wanting to learn?"


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                          No ideas ... But he wouldn't be able, even if he wanted to, X5.

                          X5. That's what she called the girl. Another one. At least it wasn't another clone. She bit her lower lip, listening to Lina's answer out loud. What she said made sense, but Vega still didn't see it as enough. She exhaled discreetly, wondering when this was going to end, so she'd have a one-on-one talk with this transgenic.


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                            She wasn't surprised that Vega didn't really take that as enough, for he was a Lord. She didn't really expect much from anyone. It was kind of like answering a strict, snobby school teacher, who wouldn't except even the greatest paragraph for an answer. After giving that a thought, she explained her answer to Vega.

                            "Well," she began and thought over her abilities,"I have enhanced speed and ability, telescopic and night vision, hyper-sensitive hearing, superior mental processing skills, catlike reflexes, and also strong lung capactiy... yes, that's pretty much it. And what do I forsee myself wanting to do... Well, I mainly want to for now train those abilities that I have now until I feel as if I've truly mastered them well, and until I'm ready to use them in combat well." She finished, not taking her eyes off of him.


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                              "Seems like DK loved company,"

                              <Said Syren, stepping out from behind Eve. Crossing her arms, her blue eyes fixed on the newcomer.>

                              "I take it you were one of his sick experiments."