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...I felt the hate rise up in me...

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  • ...I felt the hate rise up in me...

    As the doors of the recruitment center opened, silence stood behind that door. Nothing moved and everyone went on their business without noticing.
    The figure entered, wearing a black vest that molded to his thinly molded muscular figure. His long legs gracefully carry him across the floor without any bob to his stride. The figure's silk cape flowed gently in gust of air as the doors slam shut behind him. The sound of two hilts clanking together echoes throughout the center. His eyes glow an odd fluorescent orange in the darkness. His nose seemingly molded in with his face, and no hunks of flesh dangle from the sides of his face to look like ears. Not an attractive sort to any normal human being.
    His lips don't move, mainly because he has none but his psyonic brainwaves travel in place of soundwaves.
    "I wish to learn to corrupt."
    The figure stands firmly in his position, awaiting a response, any response.

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    After a few minites of complete silence, a loud rapping could be heard, as a staff hit the ground from the shadows. It's holder was a well toned being, far surpassing the strenth he appeared to have. He looked at the newcomer inquisitivly.

    ".....perhaps you have come to the right place then. I am Tempist Opps, warrior to the Sith Empire. What is your name, and why do you seek admission?"


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      The tall figure's weight shifted from foot to foot, rotating to get a full fix on his addresser. His arms dangling freely to his side. Once hearing of his superiors' response his bows his head in respect, never removing his eyes from Tempist.
      His brainwaves echo throughout the room in response,

      "Well met Warrior Tempist Opps. I am Templar Klis. I seek a place to gain knowledge of the universe, of the evil it holds, of the peace that is shattered, of the light that is fragmented. With knowledge the mind can expand. The mind if a powerful thing Warrior Tempist. If 'tis corrupted, then there lyes no hope in the heart, the soul, the body. I want to learn to corrupt. To shatter the heart, the soul, the body. This is why I seek admission, Warrior Tempist. This sanctuary seems to hold the key to my desires."

      His thoughts die out and his full undivided attention is placed upon Tempist.


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        A dark smile crept accross Tempist's face at Templar's words. He continued his questioning.

        "This is good... if only all were so eager to destory and darken as you.... what drew you to this dark organization, and not another like TSO?"


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          You don't know how, but you can tell there is a look of confusion on this beings expressionless face. His unwavering eyes squint a little and the scaly skin crinkles ever so slightly. The figure reassures himself and his un-blinking eyes remain locked on Tempist's position.

          "Forgive me Warrior Tempist, I didn't know there was a difference. I merely figured that the both were entwined in some unfathomable root. But I have watched over both for a bit of time, as I'm sure you've felt in the force. The Sith Empire seems more... sought on the corruption I seek, the knowledge I protrude to find. Forgive me for my informality, but TSE seems more... homely..."

          Unsatisfied with his answer, Klis stands uneasy, his arms still dangling loosely from his sides. The silk cape wavers gently back and forth with the shifting of his weight from leg, to leg.


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            Tempist said nothing about the man's answer, but asked another question.

            "What drew you to the dark side, what started your thirst for the ebon half of the force?"


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              Klis' eyes squinted to an evil glare into space. His fists clenched tightly together and psyonic electricity crackled around each lengthy finger. His swaying from foot to foot stopped and his stood still. Trying to regain his calm manner, the being stood silent for a moment then spoke.

              His brainwaves echoed with a voice that yearned for the taste of blood.
              "Warrior Tempist.. The Jedi are the reason that I was drawn to you. Those righteous little.. good-for-nothings are the reason I want to learn your ways. I want to learn how to control my hate, my anger, have it aide me in my quest for corruption. The crackle of the energy in body drives me wild knowing there is such a power to be harnessed, but I lack the knowledge to do so."

              The being stares at the electrical bursts in his hands.

              "The Jedi stole my lover away from me. She cared more about what the Force could give to her if she went light. She didn't care about me, our future together. No... she left me for that pathetic reason. I hate the Jedi with a passion, Warrior Tempist. I want to over run them. I want all of them to be corrupted to make the dark side.. the only side. So I can hold her close once again."

              Klis stood easy once again, the crackling in his hands dying down to static shocks and his swaying beginning again. His complete attention being refocused on Tempist.


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                The warrior noded as Klis spoke, listening to his words.

                "Interesting.... do you know how to use any weapons?"


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                  You don't know how, but you can tell there is a grin forming across Klis' featureless face.
                  The Templar throws his arm back, moving his cape from his side, allowing him to simply grab one of the hilts attached to his holster sash. He brings the hilt to chest level, moving his fingers delicately over the hilt. The ends of the hilt ignite with a fearsome humming sound showing two dark purple rods of light coming from both ends of the hilt.
                  Klis puts on a light show, twirling about and spinning the blade multiple times, trying his best to look fancy. He then tosses the hilt, spinning, into air. Allowing gravity to take over it. The Templar reflexively moves his hand to the other hilt attached to his sash, unlatching the lightsaber and igniting both ends, pulling a few more spins with it. Gravity chimes in and pulls the airborne saber down, Klis reacts to its' fall by juggling it with the other saber held securely in his hands. He pulls a few spins and kicks, keeping the saber at one level at all times. Klis finishes his rain dance by forcibly knocking one saber into the air, letting gravity hold it again. Disengaging the saber in his hands and securing it to his sash. Reflexively reaching his arm out and allowing the saber to fall into his hand. Disengaging and gracefully reattaching it to his sash.
                  Klis bows his head and speaks,

                  "Now.. You're thinking, Sure.. He can dance with two double ended light sabers, but can he fight with them? The answer is this Warrior Tempist. I have only sparred with them. A force-adept taught me a few tricks and how to use the force to predict the near future. These blades have never taken a life. Nor do I tend to have them do so until it aids The Empire."

                  Klis secures himself in his stance, letting his arms dangle freely to his sides, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. His silk cape resettling by his feet.

                  "As any other creature, I can use a blaster, Aim and Squeeze, But I'm no sharp shooter."


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                    Tempist laughed inwardly, while his face remained a serious one. His next question was very unusual, but it would prove to be very important, as it pre-determined another inquiry.

                    "Chose a number from one to six."


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                      Klis starts to wonder if he made a fool of himself. But he shrugs it off, reassuring himself of the reason that he's here.

                      The Templar answers right off the bat, as soon as he translates the question to understanding he echoes "6" from his brainwaves.

                      "I'm eager to find out what that has to do with anything Warrior Tempist."


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                        Six. The one question he hadn't asked yet.

                        "This is the relevence it has to anything. What would you do should a winged mercenery, a highly trained soldier for profit only, were to burst in here, and start slashing at you?"


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                          Klis lets the question settle, understanding if it were to happen, he wouldn't have time to think of what he's going to do to it. So he starts firing away answers immediately,

                          "First Warrior Tempist. Should the beast charge in here.. I'd duel with him, praying that the Force-adept, that I mentioned earlier, taught me well enough that I could take the creature down. I wouldn't kill it, merely wear it down to exhaustion. I'd rigorously question the beast, asking who had sent it. Then I'd bargain with it.. offering it a sum half of what the being hiring it offered for my death. I'd suspect that the creature's target was me.. Otherwise he'd engage another.
                          That's besides the point Warrior Tempist.
                          I'd offer the creature half. In exchange, the identity of the one who wanted my death, and for the mercenary to explain that I was dead. Allowing it to take an item of mine as proof. Then I'd hunt the one down and slay him. Pleasing the mercenary who was only doing his job and freeing myself of a potential threat."

                          Klis remaining loose, standing at ease and feels not pleased nor upset with his response for it's what he'd do on instinct. But he stands eager, hoping that Tempist was pleased with it.


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                            "Interesting, but exactly how would you engage it? Would you shoot at it, or perhaps attack it head on with your blade?"


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                              You can tell that Klis feels somewhat stupid.

                              "My apologies Warrior Tempist. I'd parry the beasts attacks, mainly playing defense only, using my lightsaber of course. After a while I'd alter the energy flow of my sabers to stun the beast and beat him until it was begging for me to kill it Aiming mainly for the legs to render him immobile. My knowledge of the force isn't great enough for me to use it in aid."

                              Klis' stance tenses and his swaying from foot to foot ceases.

                              "I apologize again for not understanding your question in full."