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  • Lethal Addition.

    A young woman, no more than the age of twenty, made her way into the recruiting center. Her chin was jutted forward in a arrogant..but respecting manner.

    She stopped in the middle of the room and waited to be noticed. Her arms folded in a selfish manner across her chest and her eyes focused on the passing Sith. Although the area was not crowded...she could sense the power of the many Sith that trained here.

    Her brown eyes shifted upward. Her tone of voice loud and bland...yet a spark of hope lingered there as well.

    "I want to join..."

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    And I want a sword made of platinum, but it isn't going to happen. Tempist thought to himself, trying to lighten his own mood. He steped out from the shadows, and looked at the newcomer.

    "Yes, most who pass through those doors do. My name is Tempist Opps, who are you?"


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      The young woman turned and let a hand drop down to her hip. The question was simple enough. Narrowing her eyes slightly she proceeded in answering the question.

      "My name is Brigid McKnight."

      Her brown eyes carefully took in the visible details of the man.


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        "Well then Miss McKnight, welcome to TSE. First you will be asked a few questions, and then, if the council feels you worthy, you will be admitted by their word. Understand?"

        He didn't want to sound as if he were talking down to her, but so many he had seen pass thorugh here had absolutley no idea what happened when you tried to join.


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          Although she had never asked to be part of a large Empire such as this one before....what was to come seemed important. She nodded firmly and awaited to be questioned.

          "I understand."


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            "Good. Why do you seek admission to our Empire?"


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              Brigid's eyes now added on a tint of fire. She had lost so much....she wanted to regain her title and destroy everyone that stood in her way....

              "I want to enhance my abilities...I find the only way I can do that is by starting my journey into the Darkside. I wish to take back what was stolen from me by using the force of destruction."


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                Tempist smiled inwardly, not letting her see it. Impressive answer.

                "What drew you to this dark order, and not another, like TSO?"


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                  Her intent gaze remained on the warrior's face. The Sith Order was also well known..

                  "The Sith Empire seems to offer me more....although I am not sure what is to come in the future..I am sure I can accomplish what I want to here."


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                    "Interesting. What can the Empire gain from allowing you admittance?"


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                      "I will gladly offer my skill where so many have none. That goes for my loyalty as well."

                      Nodding to confirm her answer...she awaited his response.


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                        Tempist noded, and saked her another question, this one stranger than the others.

                        "If two grizzley bears were to... 'appear' in the center of the room, and go after you right now, how would you react to them charging?"


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                          Brigid raised a thin brown brow. Although it seemed odd...that question was perfectly understandable.

                          "Knowing that my force skills are not at all high enough to ward them off that way...I would fend them off with my saber and blasters."


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                            "Hmm.... What weapons do you have experiance with?"


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                              She couldn't help but smirk. Force skills were one thing....and weapons were another. Though she carried little with her...she was nearly skilled with every common weapon.

                              "I am good with a saber,duel bladed or single bladed. Any common hand-on blaster or sword. I am also skilled with many martial arts abilities."