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    : Elric walked into the Grand Hall, He had heard only rumors of this place, that it was a congregation of all who were evil and dark. His great battle blade Storm Bringer was slung across his back: Greetings, I'am Prince Elric of Melinbone, the last of my people, I have come here to seek training and a place to belong.

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    A deep voice could be heard from the shadows, seeming to come from all around Elric.

    "Welcome to the Sith Empire, I am Tempist Opps, Sith Knight. You are the last of your kind? What happened to the rest of your people?"

    A tall man steped out from the shadows, with a blue glow to his eyes.


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      A sad tale, one of my own kind sold us out to the Jedi, because of our natural Dark Side energy we were a grave danger and could not be allowed to live, I alone survived the slaughtered which followed. The fool who sold us out did not live my brother saw to that personally.


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        "Interesting. What drew you to this place, and not somewhere else like TSO? There are other dark side organizations out there...."


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          ' welcome...'


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            I was drawn here by a feeling, I followed my instincts here till it felt right. Are there any other questions my Lords wish to be answered?


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              "Patience is a virtue that even Sith must have, there are still many questions left. Have you had any prior experiance with the force?"


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                None that I'am aware of, The is it not the essence of life and if so is it not the essence of magick? I'am a sorcereor, I've used telekenetics and other skills that I've seen employed by Sith and Jedi alike. I do not beleive it was the Force, but I could be wrong, on my world reality and fantasy have no real boundries, my skills could be the work of the force or could be my magick, perhaps both? And my Lord Tempistopps I'am very much aware of the virtures of patience. I was a royal before the jedi came.... I dealt with diplomats and aristocrats daily, one wrong move around them and death was the least of your troubles.


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                  OOC (Out of Character):
                  Hi there and welcome to one of the Star Wars roleplaying message boards. I am familiar with Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melnibone series however here at TSE, sorcery does not really play a part in the Sith characters abilities here until they have achieved a high enough rank to study Sith magick. I would recommend reading the links at the top of this forum. If you have any questions about roleplaying or what I have said, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks. <img src= ALT="">


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                    OOC: Ahhh someone with literary taste a rare find. but we can change what my character has said can we not? isn't that why the edit post command was made?


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                      I sent you a private message. I would like to speak with you on e-mail before we continue here. Thanks. <img src= ALT="">