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  • I am Mave Saturn.(membership)

    Sitting alone in a empty field of grass looking downward toward his lightsaber with a empty saddnes in his face. As your feet slowly move toward him he tilts his head up and speaks to you, all the while with his back toward you.
    "I am Mave Saturn. I am lost to the galaxy. The Force and the Jedi have betrayed me. I have lost my true love and I that hold dear. They would not let me save her... They let her die... If only I had been more powerful, I might still know where she is. I must become more powerful. I am Mave Saturn. I once was a Jedi but now I am lost and alone, with nothing to warm me except my hate!"
    Hidden tears stream down his face at the thought of his lost love. You sense that his hate is strong.

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    "Indeed... your anger is great..." said a deep voice, that echoed off of all the walls, from the shadows. A man steped out, and looked at the newcomer.

    "My name is Tempist Opps. Welcome. What drew you to this dark organization?"


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      With out looking back he replies, "When I was exiled from the Jedi Order I left Yavin. As I past here through hyperspace I felt something, something very cold and dark, yet familer all the same." He stands up and slowly turn to face you, all the while leaving his saber on the ground.


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        "What makes you different from all others who come here?"

        Many had tried to join their ranks, and a large number of them had failed. They all seemed as if they were the same person, but with different faces and sexes. Origionality was all he was looking for this time, somthing to prove that he wasn't just another drone at the mercy of fate, but nothing more.


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          As you probe his thoughts you find that Mave has not completely succumbed to the Darkside of the Force... yet. He has been tainted by his hate and anger towards the Jedi and the hypocrisy that betrayed him. You sense that he is some what weaker in the Force than most of the other Jedi you have encountered.
          "Nothing, I am just as miserable as last. All I seek is the power I need to save her, and nothing will stop me from accomplishing this."


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            "What would the empire gain from your admitance here?"


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              "The Empire, why would I want to... hmmmm" Saturn glances down towards his lightsaber," When I was in training at the Jedi Academy they told me that the path to the DarkSide was filled with loneliness and despair. They also told me that the path of the Jedi was filled with personal enlightenment and comfort. They were wrong."
              You can feel Mave's anger rising. "You want to know what I can offer the Empire? Zeal! Unending and uncontrollable zeal." Saturn blurts out in fit of rage. "I will not grow old and rot with empty hate,I will get her back and kill anything that gets my way. And if Your way is my way then I will be a great asset."
              Saturn force pulls his lightsaber to his hand and awaits your answer.


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                Tempist pondered on his response for a moment, and continued his questioning.

                "Hmm.... what weapons do you have skills with? Obviously the lightsaber, but otherwise, what can you use?"


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                  Saturn smiles and replies "Before I became a Jedi I was train in a Kendo sword fighting, and my father was a demolitions expert so I have extensive knowledge in that, and I studied a bit in Alchemy."


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                    Tempist arched a brow at the last skill. Alchemey was somthing he hadn't seen in a newcomer before, a very rare first.

                    "Alchemey? Impressive. Chemicals have never been known to be kind to most."

                    He thought about what question he should ask next, and shot him an odd question.

                    "If an ice beast were to break through the doors, and attack you, what would you do, out of instinct?"


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                      "Oh a challenging question." With little hesitation Saturn reasoned "Due to my limited Force abilities I would have use and force flash or lightning shock to the creatures eyes so he wouldn't be able to see me and so it would be disoriented. Then I would slide forward between it's legs and ignite my lightsaber." Saturn glares with satisfaction in his answer. "Messy but effective."


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                        ooc: in this RP universe, force lightning is one of the higher moves, only do-able by lords or higher. just thought you should know. i'm going to ignore that part and go with the rest though


                        "Interesting... so you would rather remove the senses and take it in it's moment of weakness than face it head on with brute force?"


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                          OOC: sorry about that. then just pretend i said i would force flash it. which is make a quick flash of light to blind it. Thanks

                          "Yes I would. Only a fool would rush into situation with considering the consequences, even in a life or death situation."
                          You sense that Mave is getting great pleasure from these interesting questions. "Anymore questions, My Lord?"


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                            ooc: no problem, just wanted to make sure you knew


                            "Perhaps there are more inquiries, but I shall not be the one to ask them. There are many others present in the room, perhaps one of them would like to question you. Good luck, little one."

                            With that said, Tempist steped back, mostly out of sight of the man.


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                              He bows his head toward Tempist, "As you wish my Lord."
                              Saturn looks up and awaits for the next dark figure to approach him.