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Seeking Power And Justice

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  • Seeking Power And Justice

    Nataku enters the Sith Empire Recruting Center in his robes as he glances and looks at all these people applying and thinks to himself if he too will be accepted in teir ranks as he sits down alone by himself with his hood covering his entire face as his eyes glow underneath the hood he is aged 9 yrs old and feels lonely and sad that he will no longer see his parents anymore.

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    A tall, shadowy figgure steped out from the darkness that clung to the edges of the room, and addressed the little one.

    "What happened to you, escape from your play-pen?"


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      Nataku feels that hes being sensed as he looks up at the Warrior who addresses him " My parents were killed and I have no place to go I ask if I can be able to avenged my parents but I dont know where to start or where I should begin but this place is very cold and why is this place very cold and dark ?" As he keeps his hood up But I am determined to avenged the death of my parents will u showed me the way of Justice?


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        "That was an incredably long sentence, I don't see how someone so small could fit the air in his lungs to do that. We do not show the way of justice, we show the way of hate. We also do not accept children, so unless you are much older than your brain is telling me, you'd best disapear."


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          Jade watches this child from the shadows, remembering the time she brought her own son Amnon here when he was a mere child himself. He has aged some since that time, for now he is 15.

          She sighs inwardly, silently, and continues to watch, covering her presense in all forms.


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            Maybe youre right after Im fully growned I will come back and take my place hopefully I will be ready as he slowly stands up he walks away from the center and heads back to the hangar bay to catch a ride back to Kaga.