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Shadows move like the water in a river.

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  • Shadows move like the water in a river.

    The shadows in a corner of the recruitment area bend and twist untill it forms the shape of a young girl. They slowly "melt" off of her to show the apperence of the 18 year old former jedi. Only a few in the room reconise her as the jedi knight Sia-lan Darkheart. The <a href=>battle</a> between Vega, Eve, Xazor and herself had finished a matter of hours ago and the wounds on her back where still fresh. A new shirt covered the wound though as she stood before anyone in the room.

    Sia-lan bowed her head slightly and took one knee.

    "I have just left the Jedi after accepting the truth about the force. I come here, wishing to be trained in the ways of the dark side." she stays silent after this, waiting for the questions she knew were coming.

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    Xavier emerges from the shadows slowly as he slides one pale hand back through his blonde hair. His arms slowly cross over his chest as he looks to Sia-lan.

    "What makes you wish to be trained here, newcomer?"


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      A dark laugh escaped the shadows of the recruitment room as Nikka heard the words spoken from the so-called former Jedi. She remained in the shadows as she observed the young girl crouched on one knee.

      "Well, well. Looks like one of 'them' comes to the Sith seeking answers of their true path. Heh..."

      The disciple remained in the shadows while watching the newcomer.


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        "Because the jedi lie about what they belive. They say they belive not to kill. If that is so why would they kill my mother and father." she states but doesnt ask. She looks up at the one that asked her the question but noted the direction of the laugh.


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          :;Saharia nodded towards the newcomer and steps forward::

          [i]The jedi live a lie and not many see through their trickery. What do you think you can gain from joining the sith? Why do you choose this empire?


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            "What I belive I can gain from joining the sith is revenge against the jedi for what they have done. I choose to come here because this is where Vega was trained. He assisted me in accepting the truth." Sia-lan stayed on one knee as she spoke with the sith. Her eyes though connected with every sith that spoke with her. Her shadow gray eyes showing no sign of calmness, only hatred towards the jedi.

            Edit: OOC: Ack. forgot to log out. THis is Sia.


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              "Anothe-rrr turrrning?"

              A questionning his came from across the room as the darkly robed - and somewhat hunched over - Vampyre Sith approached the wouldbe Sith. Though his expression betrayed no sign of emotion, much like his voice, he canted his head slightly; out of curiousity.


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                Lina canted her head a bit after hearing the answer before from the newcomer. Her red hair was over half of her face, while her free blue eye pierced through the darkness.

                "Strange.." she muttered to herself, and then looked on.


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                  A figgure shrouded in darkness steped out from the shadows and looked at the newcomer.

                  "So you have finally seen the treachery that is the jedi order... what a shame that others of your kind have not. But you are a traitor to the jedi now, what is to say that you will not do the same to us?"


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                    "Why would I have a reason to? I had a reason to turn from the jedi. They have killed my parents and lied about what they belive." she answers them. She waited for other questions that she knew were coming.


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                      He stifled a small laugh.

                      "Heh.... what is your name, little one?"

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                        "Sia-lan Darkheart." is all that she replys.

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                          "Well then Sia, what do you seek to gain in the darkness? Revenge? Power? Self betterment? ... or is there somthing more...?"


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                            "All of those plus the deaths of any jedi that crosses my path." The hatred behind her eyes grows as she says this. Her hand tightly grasps her lightsaber that hangs at her side.


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                              "Interesting.... I have no further questions for you at the moment."

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