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  • "New" Girl

    A blonde woman stands in the center of the recruitment center, an air of over confidence about her. A thin smile is spread over her lips as she surveys the scene, waiting for what she knows will inevitably come.

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    'And what do you want?' Sieken said with little intrest, his face expressionless.


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      "What everyone else who comes here wants, Sieken," she replied, her smile unwavering.


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        He tilted his head and took a few steps towards he, his eyebrows frowning slightly.

        'My names not Sieken....why do you call me that?' He said wondering how she knew.


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          "Because it's your name ... Sieken Kasstra."

          Elena shifted her weight and folded her arms tightly over her chest.

          "But that's not important, what's important is that I want to join."


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            ' Heh..' Sieken shook his head his white waving from side to side. A evil smile crept across his face...

            She was telling what to do like he was some puppy that had a tight leash..not a chance.

            'And you think you have the skill to be a Sith..let alone in the TSE?...why do think so?'


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              "I don't think anything. I know."

              She mimicked the dark smile, thin elongated canines peeking over her lip.

              "All I need is tutelage and guidance."


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                ' Answer the question woman!' He said getting quite frustrated now, clenching his fist together very tightly.


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                  "You always had a terrible temper," she murmured with a soft laugh.

                  Glancing downwards then back up at Sieken, she canted her head.

                  "I want to join to further my abilities, so that I may have power myself and therefore empower the Empire itself."


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                    Lana, a little bewildered by the newcomers knowledge of a complete stranger, emerged from the shadows and walked towards Sieken. She stopped beside him and cantered her head also.

                    "How in the hell...--?"

                    Her words were muttered quietly, but audible to all who where present. She silently cursed the echo and stood quietly.


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                      "How in the hell is right, Lana." Eve murmured to herself.

                      The Sith Knight crossed her arms behind her back, her fingers lacing lightly. Standing where she usually stood, behind her Master's chair, she cocked her head to the right. Something familiar about that woman ...


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                        As she regarded the first girl who had appeared a mischievious smile came over her. She had to hold herself back from making some comment as she looked away towards Eve.

                        "Ah, sister," she said blandly.


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                          Sister ?

                          "Sister ?" She then repeated out loud, her eyebrows arching in confusion.


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                            She shook her head in dismal, then in silence sent a short series of images into Eve's head through the Force. Each showed Vega Van-Derveld working on something .. and then the end product. Whilst doing this she glanced between the gathering silently and simply smiled.


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                              "Elena ..." She then murmured.

                              But because of the echoes of the place, the name was heard pretty much by everyone. Eve remained silent for a while, before shaking her head slightly.

                              "Where is Vega ?"