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I as well would like to join...:)

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  • I as well would like to join...:)

    Standing in the center of the council room is a fiqure of which no one has seen.
    "Diron Gir is my name and i wish to join!"
    he said stirnly.

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    "Why do you wish to join?"

    The voice came from behind Gir as the ancient Sith Lord stepped from behind a pillar.


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      Gir turned to face the pillar and said "I wish to join merely because the sith empire is the best, I have been to other places but this is the only one i have found with so many benifits... I wish to have power and this empire can give it to me.!


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        "So the empire is but a tool for you to grow stronger? What is then in it for the Empire?"

        The Sith Lord strode slowly around Gir as he spoke


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          "I have had very little training so all i can really offer is my loyalty and my willingness to fight for this organazation." gir humbly said as he watched lord dagger circle him.


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            "I you have nothing worth this Empire's time? No skills? No combat experience?"

            DarkStar stopped infront of Gir

            "And why shouldn't I give you your still beating heart and throw you out for wasting my time?"


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              <font color="red">[i]Gir looks firmly at lord darkstar. "I am very skilled with blades of all types"..."And i beleive that loyal warriors is what this empire needs, somone willing to die for their causes."


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                DarkStar slapped Gir around the face, the blow was too fast for him to react and sent him crashing to the floor.

                "Do not presume to know what the Empire needs..."

                DarkStar walked over to the felled Gir and placed his boot over his throat.

                "Now. What is the DarkSide to you? If your answer does not satisfy me I will crush your windpipe and you will asphyxiate,"


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                  Gir struggles to move but cant and decides to just answer the question "The darkside is power and strength if you are not strong then you have no buisness in it...It is the power from everything make the powerful people mor powerful..Like you my lord.. The darkside has given you more strength.. Making you 100000 times as powerful as weaklings like me...So my answer is the darkside is Power."


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                    DarkStar glared at Gir and increased the pressure on his throat. Then suddenly he let off and stepped away.

                    "Your answer is satisfactory, tell me, and think carefully, why should we accept you?"


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                      "I believe i have the potential to be great, with the right teacher i know this can happen... I am sure i would be a great asset to this empire, dont take that the wrong way you are all very strong and the i am weak but when taught I could Be very powerful and i beleive the kind of power i am to have would be good for the empire.. or atleast it wouldnt hurt to have one more warrior." Gir stood up to face the lord and brushed himself off.


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                        DarkStar laughed

                        "There have been others who have come here, far more powerful than you, how does this potential make you more worthy of entrance than you?"


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                          "I realize there have been more powerful enter this room but none like me... I have the determinaation to work hard and become one of the most powerful sith in this empire. This is a great empire and it would be an honor to work and die for it to stay the best." gir stood taller as his confidence rose..

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                            "Interesting...tell me, what makes you think you can cut it", Sith Knight Daegal Murdoch bellowed from the shadows.


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                              "I have seen many battles... And i am prepared to try hard to win them... I would be honored to die in battle if need be, but only if it were for the right cause... I would also be honored to lose to somone who is of higher rank for then i would know i tried and put up a fight better than i ever had." Gir gave a slight grin. "I am weak now but with the right teacher i will be strong. My answer is Because that is my goal."