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  • i wish to join

    as i enter the coucil room , i feel the dark forces flowing through me searching my mind for why i am here, and my plans.

    I wish to join the sith empire, the sith empire is the most powerful force in the universe , anything else is irrelivant next to the darkside of the force, and i wish to be a part of it.

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    ::Saharia walked up to the newcomer and nodded, her tone was not unfriendly::

    Welcome to the Sith Empire. You wish to join.
    What is your name?

    ::The tone was more than a question, less than a command but it indeed expected an answer. She liked to know whom she was speaking to::


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      ::i look to saharia::

      "Sorry for your confusion , i am darth titus of tatooine , i do not know too much of my parents i ran away at a young age to study the dark forces."

      :: stopping my words knowing i was blabbling an knowing she did not care::


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        Igressing the room Zena nodded to Saharia, as she averted her gaze to the newcomer, the hilt of her sword protruding from her stygian cloak.

        "Greetings, I am Zena, welcome to the Empire of the Sith. Relay any questions you have of this dominion you seek to join, and we shall answer."


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          :: Darth Titus's eyes travl around the room looking at all the sith ten back to zena , with his long brown hair flowing he nodds::

          "Yes i wish to join our empire, but how exactly is the main question i ask"

          :: moving his hair out of his eyes he waits for a reply from anyone::


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            Lina gave a nod of 'welcome' to the newcomer, her blue eyes visible in the darkness of the room. Her smile remained invisible, and her curiousity in this one continued ...


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              blade walked into the room as the Darth Titus had given his name.

              " welcome darth titus to the TSE we will be giving you a test today the test is in the form of questions that will be asked and you will answer or be turned away."

              Blade looked to all the otheres present.

              " the first question is what does the living force mean to you?"


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                :: Darth Titus turns to Blade and answers::

                "The living force to me means everything , it means power and respect from other people"


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                  "Power? What do you know of Power?"

                  Daegal's voice bellowed out from the back of the room where he stood, shrouded by the shadows.


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                    what do i know of power? i know that everyone wants it, and it is one of the greatest things to have.


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                      Pushing off of the wall he was leaning on, Daegal walked into the light. His black Sith Robes were dark as night, covering his entire body. Only his eyes were visible below the hood, casting a mysterious aura about him.

                      "The greatest thing to have? Even greater than loyalty? Or than one's own life?"


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                        :: wanting to move clser he restrains himself::

                        "what is a life without power?it is useless. maybe not greater than loyalty , i must first give the loyalty before i gain my power.would you agree?"


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                          ::Saharia smiled::

                          Titas, Loyalty towards the empire is the most important thing here of all. If you will have that I am sure you will find respect and honour here, and power will come with training.
                          Would you give your life to the empire? Would you give up your power once you had it for the empire? What is life without something to believe in?

                          ::Her expression become emotionless and she waited for his answer::


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                            "Power in the hands of the reckless will seal ones fate into a fog of dissipation. Everyone craves power of the Sith Empire. Our abilites to control the power of the Darkside is what makes us powerful, and ones to be reckoned with."


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                              "yes i would give my life to the empire.what do you mean give up my power?life is pretty much nothing without something to believe in , you have nothing to strive for."