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  • A New Evil Has Arisen

    : Walking into the room was a lone figure flanked by black wolf, the man was Erekrose, a former Jedi now a rouge darksider, walking with the swagger of warrior who was seen countless battles, with the air of warrior who knows his limits: My Lords and My Ladies I come before you to pardon for an audience in which I pray to be given membership in this Empire.

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    The sith deciple stood perched atop a pillar and watched the former jedi.Borsk looked at this one and thought to himself that the being is just like countless other 'former-jedi', all departing from thier factions and seeking refuge here at the empire.

    A ripple of thought went into the beings mind,*Greetings and welcome to the Sith Empire, you will go through a period of questioning and then you 'might' be let into the ranks.Now sit patiently and one of our higher-ups will greet and question you....good luck.*

    Borsk stayed in the shadows atop the pillar.


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      A tall, shadowy man steped out from the darkness that surrounded the edges of the room, and looked at the newcomer.

      "Welcome to the Recruitment Center. What is your name?"


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        'Welcome to the empire' said sieken from the back.


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          Lina furrowed a brow at the former jedi and slowly peered from a corner. She then nodded a hello/welcome to him. She stayed silent, and awaited the answer from the question of Tempist..


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            *He steps forward out of the darkness of the shadows and makes his presence known, he gives a slight nod of acknowledgement to the newcomer. He remained silent and still*


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              : Looking at each one of the Sith that had come forward Erekrose looked at the way they each held themselves: My name is Erekrose, I once went by a different name but that name is dead now. I once was a Jedi until I decided that I was better than them and I left taking with me an empty Holocron, I left my lightsaber, my robes, everything that was jedi I left there in the temple. : Taking one more look around Erekrose got the distinct empression at least a few people didn't like him already:

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                Borsk remained atop the pillar and looked down upon the former jedi.Finally he decided to join the rest of his fellow sith.Borsk landed on the ground at Tempist side and looked at tempist, bowed and then looked at the newcomer.


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                  ::An ex-jedi? This interested her so she emerged from the shadows and watched the person. A person who had left the lies of the jedi way, she did not say anything, only watched for now::


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                    : Walking forward a little bit Erekrose sensed the tention in the room: Am'I disliked by any of you, if so let me know... I prefer to know where I stand in the eyes of others.


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                      "A jedi, eh? Why should I even bother wasting my time questioning you? What made you leave that maggot breading ground called the GJO?"


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                        A chuckle came from the back of the room where it is dark and shadowy. Nikka stood there as she watched, shaking her head, but she chose not to spoke until the right moment arises.


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                          ::Saharia stepped forward and nodded toward the man, no emotion shown::

                          You turned from the jedi, why? Did you see lies in front of your eyes? Did you see a chance to get to the sith in a more direct way?


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                            : Shaking his head in disgust Erekrose answered: Simple I wanted to be able do what I wanted, in the Jedi that was considered wrong and evil, also I've never really liked being a good guy I prefer to be evil... It just has much more fun to it.


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                              "Well now, you seem confident, but what would the Empire gain in your admittance?"