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    :: Clad in black robes, a thin man walked slowly in the Recruitment Center of the illustrious Sith Empire. He had heard many stories about this place, about the loyalty of its members, and the power that they had. He had come here today with one thing in mind. Joining.

    He wanted to join these people, to become one of the Elite, one of the Sith. He knew that, if given the chance, he could make it. He had felt a connection to the Force since he was very young, and he had practiced. He was able to move small objects, but not very far. He knew that the people here would help him develop his limited abilities, for he knew that he had potential.

    Coming to a stop in the middle of the room, the man fell to one knee, looking toward the respected Council. His hood hid his physical face, but the people in this room could see beyond normal barriers. Yet still, he let the hood hang where it was. He knew that his fate from this day on now resided in the hands of the people sitting at the far side of the room, shrouded in Darkness. He spoke calmly, his voice loud enough to be certain, but soft enough to be respectful. There was no wavering in his tone, for he knew what he was here for, as did the Sith he was speaking to. ::

    "Honored Council of the great Sith Empire, I have come before you today to request something that many others seek also. I have come to request entrance into your revered Empire, in order to attune my connection to the Dark Side of the Force, and in order to preserve the tradition that is the Sith."

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    A hooded, feminine figure appeared from the darkness, her face hidden as well. Her hands were enfolded neatly over her stomach as she watched him enter and bend down on one knee. The way he spoke did intrigue her in the least, but very little. Glancing down at him, her green eyes flashed a dim tinted red as she spoke.

    "Why do you choose the Empire?"

    Her tone was serious and unwavering. The first time questioning a newcomer made her feel like she was on stage, but she overcame that easily. Awaiting the man's reply, she kept her gaze on him, her face showing no emotion or changes in expression.


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      ::Saharia watched in the shadows, watching the newcomers interested her and she only came to anyones attention purposely if there was a question in her mind. For now she was content on seeing his reply::


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        Sumor was meditating in his sparcely furnished room. Suddenly the skeletal face he had come to know too well. Without opening his eyes Sumor spoke to the face in his mind.

        "What is it my Lord?"

        A new face appeared in his mind.


        Sumor reached out with the force and found that the man shown to him in his visions was currently in the council room. He needed nothing else. As inocuous as the message had been he completely understood now.

        Opening his eyes, Sumor stood and waved his hand through the air exstinguishing the candles lite through out the room before leaving for the council room.


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          ' Welcome to the empire' Said a quiet but sarcastic voice.


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            :: Teral looked at the woman, the one who had posed him this question. It was a simple one, but he knew that it held a much deeper meaning than what it seemed. He knew that his answers had to be clear, concise, and to the point. ::

            "I have chosen to apply to join the ranks of The Sith Empire because I seek to become one with the Dark Side, I seek to allow my potential to be filled, and I can only do that here."


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              The woman remained motionless, but seemed to gesture a slight nod of her hooded head. She began to walk in a circle aroud the newcomer at a slow, but a non-threatening pace; the sound of her boots hitting the floor is the only sound heard surrounding him.

              "And if you were to be accepted into our ranks, what could you offer the Empire?"

              She paused just as she reached his side and bent down slightly, whispering in a raspy tone close to his ear.

              "Death...? Destruction...? Chaos...?
              Ridding the Jedi of their pathetic existence....?"

              A low laugh escaped her lips as she continued to circle him again.

              "Just what... could you offer us if you were granted admittance...?"


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                *He emerged out of the darkness, like the others, he stood with an amount of grace, and he seemed to just float into his position, he stood there looking upon the one in front, he watched intently as Nikka questioned him. He nodded his head slightly as a welcoming gesture, but remained silent.*


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                  :: Darth Teral listened to the woman's question, his nimble mind dancing around potential answers, thinking of the ramifications of each. While thinking, he nodded to the man who had made an appearance. ::

                  "I could offer my dedication, my willingness to learn, my honor, and my soul."


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                    Sumor stepped into the Council Room just in time to hear the new recruits response. Standing behind the man, Sumor spoke in a clear, but cold tone.

                    "And you will need to give all of those. What is your name?"


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                      :: Hearing the man speak to him, Teral listened intently. There was something different about this man, almost as if he had a connection to the Sith Lord. ::

                      "My name is Teral, though I believe you knew that."


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                        ::Saharia studied the newcomer::

                        And if he does? He may ask again for a reason uinknown to you. What can you give us in your abilities, in your hatred? Why choose the darkside instead of the lightside?
                        What is the darkside to you?


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                          Sumor waited for Teral to respond but was cut off by a Disciple he had not had not met yet, not that that was a surprise as he had been away for a while.

                          It was too bad for her that she was having to make such an impression on the Lord in their first meeting, and the ice cold glare that he shot at her spoke the unspoken.

                          "I did not know your name, but I do know who you are. I also know your destiny, do you?"


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                            Nodding, Teral spoke to the Sith Lord.

                            "He has spoken to me in my dreams, my Lord."


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                              Lina watched from a dark corner, her blue eyes glimmering within the little light. She studied the newcomer, and also watched the Lord as well ..