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How the hell did you get in here...

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  • How the hell did you get in here...

    As the council chambers grow cold and desolate and as the empty despair echoes off the walls. The hour is growing late, you notice a shadowy figure standing in the middle of the room.
    He stands there ever vigilant, waiting with weapons sheathed.

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    "Say something, don't just stand there .."

    Snapped out a voice from the other end of the shadows. Lina crossed her arms over her chest, studying the newcomer.

    "What do you want ..?"


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      "What do I want?" the Dark Ninja replied. "What I want is out of my reach, but what I need to achieve it is at hand." The Dark Ninja steps forward into the light. "I have come seeking training in the Sith Arts. My cause is true and my determination is strong. How can I prove myself worthy?"
      Qui-Chi-Ryu bows in the ceremonial way of the Ninja and awaits your response.


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        ::Saharia walked up, and smiled coldly, the bow of honour she identified with, it was the movement of a trained warrior, though he had much to prove::

        By answering a few questions for starters. Why dont we start with a simple one: What is your name?
        Then I would ask why you choose to be a sith.


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          Borsk jumped down of his place upon a dark pillar and bounced off the floor and then bounced off the wall and finally he landed in front of the newcomer,"BOO!"

          Before the newcomer could react Borsk bouced back and hit a wall, then landed upside-down on the ceiling,"Why are you here?"

          Borsk was in a playful mood today, he knew he would get chewed out about this one.


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            Startled, yet unphased by the bouncing man. The dark figure looks back at the young woman who question him. "I am Qui-Chi-Ryu of the Akuma Ninja Clan. I have sought out the Sith because it will help further my training in ways the Jedi can not. The Jedi deny emotion, which isn't "Nin"(a word meaning nature or natural). Your emotions must flow truly in order to become effective." the man with the hidden face replies.


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              ' Heh...And of course from your body expressions you feel as if you are high enough trained to be a sith...correct?'' The Sith Knight said with a slight laugh of sercasem.


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                "A ninja should always be humble, but I carry myself with respect. I am reminded of something a famous martial artist once said. 'Knowledge is like a cup of tea. As you learn the cup fills, when it is full your mind is full. But when you are presented with something new you can not learn because your cup is full. Each day you should empty you cup and learn more. That is the way of true knowledge.' I came hear with a empty cup. I know I am not better than any of you. I am a killer just like you."


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                  blade walked out of a dark corner his cloak covering his face but his eyes glowing a light orange were visible.

                  " so you think we are all murders and killers here you feel we can further your path in killing is that it or perhaps us training you in the force will teach you to kill from a distance with force lighting or other magic so you can be lazy and put no effort in killing at all?"

                  blade for some reason felt this potential was hiding something he did not know what but he felt it.


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                    "Killing my good friend is easy. Killing quietly, that's hard. I know little of this Force you speak of but it sound like "ki" or "nin". That is what we call it on my planet. And if this Force can help me complete my orders more efficiently, then yes that is what I want. My cup is empty. How about yours?"


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                      blade chuckled.

                      " you are no killer if did not know the ways to kill before hand stealth is always the best key and I don't think the TSE will be willing to teach you for your own personal gain. As for what my cup is I don't know but yours is surely full of something."

                      blade at a smile.

                      " I will ask you agian what do you hope the TSE can teach you? "


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                        "You are indeed cunning my young friend but I believe you have misunderstood me. The orders I refer to are ones that will be given to me by my Masters, whom ever they be. I hope the Sith can teach me anything they deem fit for me to learn. I had heard about the Empire from a weary traveler who claimed the Sith wouldn't teach him and he sought to release his aggressions on me. After he had a accident with my swords I thought it would be best if I attempted to join this organization."
                        Qui-Chi glazes away for a moment and then gazes into your eyes. "You have the eyes of a warrior my friend..." Qui-Chi states. "I will tell you straight. I am alone in this galaxy. With the Akuma Clan all but wipe out, I am lost. All my life I was taught to fight, now I am forced to run. I want to fight again... to fight anything... your enemies, my enemies they're all the same. I want the Sith to teach me to fight. There, I have told you what I want, warrior to warrior. I have told you."


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                          Klis steps fourth from the darkness, an overused entrance indeed, but still effective.
                          The disciple walks across the room and leans against a pillar, his arms folding neatly over his chest.
                          His eyes are hidden by his hat and his mouth concealed by the folds of lether that lace over it.
                          "Good Evening Qui-Chi-Ryu. For the sake of saving oxygen, I'll only call you Qui. Unless it offends you.."
                          Klis fidgets where he stands.
                          "Your words sound wise, and your courage seems strong. You conscious seems to hold a feeling of loyalty in it. But all of this, can be covered by a mask just like the one you and I wear."
                          Klis unlaces his leather folds, revealing his pale skin and pointy chin.
                          "You claim you're a warrior... So does just about everyone else. They all wish to fight. To kill for the Empire. If you're just like everyone else... Then why should the Empire allow you to join its ranks... instead of someone else? What little gift, what little flame could you possibly add to the Empire's inferno.. to make it stronger?"


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                            ::Saharia nodded, and also wondered what he could give the empire, not just what the empire could give him. She felt potential from him, but many had potential.
                            She silently waited for the next answer::


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                              Qui-Chi-Ryu stands there pondering his next reply. He then turns and looks down toward his knives resting at his side. He then pulls one of them out of the sheath. "You see these? I made them by hand. The Dynasty(the ruling government of my planet) had only reach the far end of our solar system by the time the New Republic arrived. Part of the Akuma training requires us to survive a year on three separate planets. I made these on the jungle world of Thalakos, home to some of the most deadliest creatures. I had to harvest this ore(pointing to his knife) from a cave and bound it with vines. I survived on the desert world of Phyrexian and I made these glass moon stars from its sands. I have no relics from the ice world Aboshan. They melted when I left. My gift is that I can survive almost any enviroment and any situation." Qui-Chi say confidently.
                              Qui-Chi sheaths his weapons and waits.