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*Steping out of the shadows, into the darkness...*

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    *His eyes narrow into thin slits, as he feels the nails digging into the flesh of his neck. Sensing much power from the presence behind him, knowing not to return an attack, for he knows he shall lose his life for such a mistake. Managing to still breath, he takes a quick breath of air, speaking afterwards. *

    "I have waited here so long, due to my great desire to become a sith. I have answered the questions as truthfully and honest as I can, but I have yet to be forced with possible death, hurrying my answers. I now ask again, letting the only burning request which plagues my mind, waiting to be released yet again. I humbly ask for your mighty judgement, then hopeful approval, for me to take the trails of become the legendary sith warriors I have heard so much of. "

    After that long speech, he lets out the breath, taking in a new one, all to hastily. He seems to not flinch or anything due to the pain from the nails sinking into his throat, as he blocks most of the pain out, so he can focus more on the answers then subdoing the pain.


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      :: the hand grips a little tighter around his throat. ::

      " It must take a lot of patience to stay here this long. Yes?"


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        *Winces slightly under pain, but manages to show he is experiencing none at all. *

        "I assumed one would need such patience to be admitted into such a glorious empire. "


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          :: With that the form let out a loud yell and Azrael went flying forward landing on the floor in front of him with a loud thud. The figure remained in the shadow, but the cold white hand moved out of the shadow and pointed at the young one. ::

          "Patience is not a trait for the Sith......but pain is, and now it's a trait you must learn."

          :: With that the hand turned palm up and force lighting flashed from it's fingers and entered the body of Azrael. ::


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            *Landing on the floor with a loud thud, he listens to Rama's words. His hands are clenched into fists, him almost to ready to leap up and engage in battle. But doesn't, for he knows what the outcome will be. The force lightning entered his body, as his eyes closed, still trying to not show any weakness, nor pain. But he cannot hold it back any longer, and he yells out in pain, as his muscles spasm from the shock. His back then may seem to start giving of small streams of smoke, as his skin begins to scream, as does his sole person. *

            "Aggghhhhh!!!!! "


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              :: Rama halts his assualt of Force Lighting ::


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                *As the assault halts, Azrael seems to hunch forward, the small streams of smoke dissipating into the air. His body then comes to a rest, as he stands once again, taking a deep breath. Bows his head slightly to Sha, showing respect. Pain seems to rush through his entire body. His eyes widening slightly, then narrowing into thin, penetrating slits. He feeds off the pain he is suffering, as well as the anger. He inserts the negative energies into his own pool of energy, soon the dark side flowing through him like a furious stream of darkness*

                " ................"

                *An eerie muted silence seems to engulf him, shrouding him in a rather depressive and solemn mood. *