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*Steping out of the shadows, into the darkness...*

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    "Wise choice of words...had you simply said you charged, I would have killed you where you stood for such arrogance,"

    The Sith Lord smirked but continued anyway, the threat in what he had just said seemed to be as normal to him as asking the time.

    "Would the Empire be but a tool to you, or would you place its intrests above your own?"


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      **A dark smirk comes over his lips upon hearing the threat, responding to it by saying the simple words of...**How pleasant...**He then listens to the sith continue, answering once Dagger is finished. **As I had said before, I would lay my life down before the glorious Empire. I believe it's interests fall into the lines of that...


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        Having been standing off to the side for some time now the Sith Disciple decided to make her presence known by speaking up, "So, judging by what you have just said, I'd be correct in saying that you'd risk your life for an organization you which know barely anything about? What is it that would make you want to do that? You surely know none of the people here very well... so they could not have gained their friendship...
        Really I see nothing in it for you, you would die for the Empire, but what would you gain from that? Almost everyone has some sort of personal gain in mind."


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          "Hmmph, good question.." Lina mumbled to herself as she continued to study the newcomer. He was doing okay so far, but his answers would be a bit more interesting if it were towards Dara..


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            **His eyes then return to thin slits, showing a bit of frustration. He ponders his answer for a few moments, before speaking. **First of all, even if I were to have made "friends" they would not be the reason I would hold my life on the line. I understand this organization is allied with the dark side. Perhaps before I should say I would lay my life down before the dark side, but it was my knowledge this organization teaches the art of the dark side. My thirst for power and knowledge for this all powerful object, or even entity, is held far beyond my life, in my mind. **Now turns his attention to the other question. **Now you ask of my personal gain, hmm? My personal gain is like many other's searching for guidance. I also believe I have already stated it. It is to learn more of the ways of the dark side, and to further my studies in it. **Smirks, remembering himself saying that all to many times. **If that is to complex for a mind I sense to indeed be quite powerful, then I am truly disappointed...


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              The newcomer suddenly found himself lying face down on the floor, the small of his back aching badly. Standing above him was a tall man, blonde, and muscular in stature. The SIth Knight looked down at him and merely shook his head. It was too bad that new recruits never learned...their entrance would be much less painful if they would show some respect.

              "I assure you, no one here gives a damn whether you are disappointed. And if you don't lose your attitude, you won't make it out of here alive."


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                *Though several angered thoughts rush through his head, he swallows his pride and lowers his head. **Yes, I apologies, my lord. Please forgive my rudeness and foolishness. My life has been anything but pleasant. It has hardened my emotions, making me harsh and rude. **Kicking out with his feet, he is standing once more. Feels a jolt of pain rush through his back, yet he ignores it, blocking out the pain. Though his anger indeed rises from seeing this action on him, he is relieved and glad to see it. From this, he knows that wrong doings are punished, and can rest assure, it is indeed a good place to further one's skills. It is also now clear to him that this Empire is most respected, as well as it's pupils...**


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                  "Tell me of your past."

                  The Sith Knight's tone was commanding and strong, not wavering in the slightest.


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                    My past, hmm?**Ponders for a few moments, thinking this question over. His eyes narrow, not truly liking his past, and not wishing to go over it. Again, swallows his pride, speaking of it, taking a deep breath before speaking. **Apparently my life is indeed tragic, yet I am not even sure of it's truth. As a very young child, I was supposedly kidnapped by what seemed to be mere Star Pirates. They took me to a certain location in the Uncharted Regions, to a base they called, Neo 17.
                    This place apparently specialized in the enhancements of furthered spices. I assume they took such intrust in me due to my mixed blood of Falleen and Human D.N.A. **Though Azrael does not know this, he was kidnapped for two reasons. One, was indeed his mixed blood, and the other was his unusually strong force presence, as a child, making him amazinglly sensitive to the force. **When I was there, they made a few..... additions to me. They made me and trained me to be the perfect warrior, thus is why I come here, to further what they cannot possibly have completed.
                    Though one day, I supposedly turned on my creator's. I supposedly killed every last worker, scientist, parent, and every child in Neo 17. I know this because I found it in the logs of the city.
                    After the destruction of Neo 17, I started a new life as a bounty hunter. Of course, I specialized in the slaughter of jedi, eventually inheriting the rank of "Jedi Slayer."Though on yet another fateful day, I was confronted by what seemed to be a mere man wrapped in a black cloak. He claimed to be a Sith, though his rank as one I was still unsure of. He told me he wished for me to study under him, him supposedly impressed by my skills as a hunter. He taught me to further my skills in the force, furthering my weapon training as well. He taught me to focus the force into a push, and several meditation techniques. Though one day he.... unfortunately passed away, becoming one with the force and the dark side. Thus, brings me here, searching to further my studies.


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                      Daegal nodded, looking at the newcomer.

                      "If I were to lash out at you with my Sith dagger, aiming for your midsection in a horizontal slashing motion, how would you respond?"


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                        **Thinks a moment, visualizing him doing this in his mind. Several tactics rush through his head, yet he is doubtful many would be very effective against a Sith Knight. Then speaks, without any further hesitation. **

                        "Trusting the force to give me a warning, so to speak, I would think over a way to dodge it. Trusting that a Sith Knight would be much to swift to let me dodge, and would quickly ignite my lightsaber, letting the two blades clash, then slowly move away, or around. If you would wish to take it further, I would study you, keeping myself guarded so you would not catch me off guard as I am studying, looking for flaws in your attacks, and studying your strengths and weaknesses. "


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                          "Your techniques and strategies are well founded. You have a good base of knowledge, and I feel that you have a high Force potential. Though what I think is not what matters, you must wait for an opinion from a Council member. I am satisfied with your answers, and so I will leave you now, allowing another to question you. Good luck, newcomer."


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                            **Gives him a standing bow, both to show respect and to bid him farewell. Holds back another satisfied grin, as he awaits further questioning. **


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                              *Stands there, in the center of the room, still awaiting further questioning. Thoughts rush through his troubled mind, as his eyes remain narrowed, into thin slits. His gaze shifts about the area, skimming over the room, as well as the shadows. Shifts his weight to his left foot, as he waits. *


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                                :: Suddenly one of the Shadows begins to move and slink across the room. From the far end of the room it moves ever closer staying just out of sight and just blurrly enough not to be made out. Then it appears in front of wait to the left of to the right. Suddenly a cold hand slinks it's fingers around Azrael's neck from behind. It grips tightly, just on the verge of cutting of his air supply. Long and sharply filed nails dig into his skin. Then a raspy voice almost in a whisper comes. ::

                                "Why have you waited here so long?"

                                :: He can feel the hot breath of the one holding him on his ears and can now hear all the little sound that person makes when they are so close that he had not heard before. ::