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*Steping out of the shadows, into the darkness...*

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  • *Steping out of the shadows, into the darkness...*

    **A darkened figure steps out from the shadows. A black cloak wrapped tightly around him, most of his face swallowed beneath deep, inky shadows casted by a raised hood. His cold, peircing gaze slices out through the mass of shadows his eyes are shrouded in, glancing over the room he now occupies. His revealed lips seem to show no emotion, as a sinister, cruel voice speaks out from them. **I wish to further my teachings in the dark side. Appoint me a master, if you find me worthy, and I shall become loyal to them, and loyal to the Sith Empire. I shall stay by their side, leaving only in death. **Bows his head slightly, going down on one knee to show respect to any finding him worthy of teachings. **Find me worthy, and I shall be yours to command...

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    Lina furrowed a brow at the hopeful, and crossed her arms.

    "Oh? And why should we find you worthy?"


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      **Azrael then stands again, his hidden eyes narrowing into thin slits. He speaks again, to Lina. **I am loyal to the dark side. The flame that burns within me is that of hatred and anger. If any of you were to unleash that flame within me, I would be a most lethal addition to your cause.


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        "Uh huh... why here? Why not some other cheap place that would take you no matter what the cause?"

        The disciple studied the newcomer, watching him closely.


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          **Remains still, resembling that of a statue. Speaks again, voice and tone remaining calm. **First of all, I would call this place anything but cheap. Secondly, I chose here because it impresses me so. I wish to further my studies immensely. Now if I went to some cheap place that would except me for whatever the cause, then I doubt my power would grow very much, don't you agree?


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            She smirked some at the newcomer's answer. He was a lot smarter then he appeared to her.

            "Mm, I have no further questions. Someone else can shoot at him for a while..Pray the council smiles upon you, newcomer."

            She slid herself back into the shadows, and looked on.


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              **A grin manages to creep over his lips, but it fades as quickly as it appeared. He gives her a standing bow, to show respect and bid her goodbye. He then crosses his arms neatly infront of his chest, awaiting further questions. **


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                "What is the DarkSide to you,"

                The ancient Sith Lord stepped from behind a pillar, he had gone unnoticed until this point because he had had nothing to to contribute while the Disciple asked questions, with her's exausted it was time to ask his.

                He walked slowly round the newcomer, his cold green eyes blazing with an inner fire as he seemed to look in to the man's very soul as he awaited the answer.


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                  **Not surprised by the sudden entrance(or reveal)of the sith lord, so he spoke the answer in words that seemed to be smooth as silk. **The dark side is a weapon of mass destruction. It is a savior, as well as a punishment. It is the alpha and omega. It is everything, and at the same time nothing.

                  I find the dark side to be my release, as well. It is a device to clean the universe of scum such as the jedi, as well as such things as disshonerment. So I suppose your question has many answers, and I doubt we have the time to hear them all.


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                    The Sith Lord's face gave away nothing as to wether the answer pleased him or not, he continued to walk around Azrael for a few more moments before asking his next question.

                    "What is in it for the Empire? What can you bring to us that sets you apart from everyone else who enters these halls? Why should we take you?"


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                      **Remains still, as the dark lord studies him. He speaks again, in his usual tone and voice. **I can bring the empire much. Apart from all of these novicests that simply which to gain power, I bring a much more....complex quest. I have taken the heads of many jedi, and I shall bring the Empire many more if I am excepted. With the proper guidance, there shall be no feat that I could not defeat. **His eyes narrow. **I am anything but your average eager newcomer. **Bows his head slightly, as the sith walks infront of him, Azrael showing respect. **I promise you, the Empire shall not be disappointed in my progress, nor the feats I complete. I assure you, I shall be a most valuable asset to the Empire's cause.


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                        DarkStar nodded slowly as he passed infront of Azrael, still showing no sighs of his emotions.

                        "You have taken many Jedi heads? How? With what weapons? What are you proficient with?"

                        The questions were fired off one after another, a smile disorientation trick, one that anyone with any amount of intelligence would not be disturbed by, but it cleared out the trash.


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                          **Keeps his thought on the here and know, focusing on each question. He concentrates on perfecting the answer, hoping to not give the wrong one. **

                          If one knows the weaknesses of one's opponent, their opponent's downfall is all to easy. I am experienced with several weapons, ranging from the jedi lightsaber, to a simple blaster pistol. I use whichever weapon is the most effective to get the task at hand done.


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                            DarkStar pondered long and hard for his next question, before he asked it he smiled evily

                            "If you were attacked by a Rancor, what would you do?"


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                              **His lips curve into a slight grin, a hint of darkness in the emotions reflecting from the grin. **I would be embarrassed by getting such a poor and weak opponent. It really all depends on which weapon I would use. **Ponders a bit before continueing. *Perhaps I would find a safe place, observe the creature before charging into battle with it. If I see that I can defeat it, I would. But if it is visible that it is more powerful then I, I would try to find another way around it, or try to use my surroundings to either help me escape, or defeat it, somehow...