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    'Gideon' entered the dark room; he was told this is where he would find the council. All he could see was darkness yet he felt as if he was being watched. 'Gideon' approached the council and said,

    :I've come before you great leaders of the Sith to ask for entrants into the empire:

    'Gideon' waited for a response.

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    Jezebella silently stepped out from the secluded shadows behind the newcomer and tilted her head to the side. With a curt nod, she bowed before the council...than, straightening herself, she asked

    "Why do you wish to join?"

    Her intent gaze slowly slid over the newcomer. With a deadly sneer, she crossed her arms over her chest and awaited his reply


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      'Gideon' looked at he disciple with much respect because he wished to be one, then he loked up and spoke in a mono-tone voice

      :I've spent the last 3 years taining under my father as a blacksmih, that is intel a gang of rebles raided our town took me and 4 others hostage. they eventuly let us go and when i returend home my parents where missng. I would enjoy nothing else then to go back there and kill all of them but i have very little wepons training.:


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        Scoffing slightly from the shadows, Daegal Murdoch, Knight of the Empire, looked at the newcomer.

        "And we should care? What do you offer us?"


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          'Gideon' was relived to here the truth from a member.

          :no i dont expect you to care much just to know i will train with the atitude that i wil return there to see if they executed my mother and father or see if there still alive. No matter what though they all will die:


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            Snarling slightly, Daegal stepped from the shadows, his tall frame looking especially dark and menacing this day.

            "You will not get far this day if you don't answer questions, newcomer. What do you offer us?"


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              'Gideon' stood there and loked at the great knight, then spoke

              :My last 3 years as a blacksmith has taught me how to handle wepons and there powers in ways of a warrior but i can't harrnes them to use yet:


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                Smirking slightly at the newcomer, Daegal tilted his head slightly to the side. He had to admin, this man reminded him of himself when he had applied to join so long ago. So, so long ago...

                Nodding back to reality, Daegal continued with the questions.

                "Would you be willing to learn to harness your abilities?"


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                  'Gideon' thought hard about the response.

                  :I will give my life to this empire if excepted. If excepted my skills will be great.:

                  'Gideon' said with trust in his words.


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                    "What seperates you from every other person who comes in her spewing that at us? Why are you so special? Hmm?"

                    Daegal's eyes narrowed quizically at the newcomer.


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                      'Gideon' stood there thinking about his answer amazed by the knight, he new exactly what he was doing here. He responded the best he could since he did not know how many people have stood here before him saying the same.

                      :Nothing I bet, all you have is my word and the commitment I make to this empire on this day:

                      'Gideon' stood there hoping that was acceptable, but wondered if the great knight was finished with his questions.


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                        .."Ones word must be proven in actions of loyalty. This you shall learn in time, that is, if you are to be accepted amongst the ranks of the Sith Empire."..


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                          'Gideon' Stood there and did nothing but nod to the warrior, she was right and she had experience to back her opinion up.


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                            *Nikka remained silent as she watched the newcomer and the others that questioned him. She had nothing to say... for the moment.*



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                              Stepping to the forefront of the questioning of the newcomer again, Sith Knight Daegal Murdoch spoke up once more.

                              "And if I were to strike out at you using an arching, overhead strike with my saber, what would you do?"