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    A presence enters the room, a large one at that; 6'5" 265 lbs of pure unbridled anger. With a cold steely gaze, his stormy eyes survey the room, he picks out a few shapes standing in the shadows, and senses more out of sight. Tossing his cloak off of him to show off his physique, the cocky young newcomer speaks with a voice that echos throughout the hall.

    "I am Talus, a gentically engineered force adept. I was a member of the Jedi Academy, but the Jedi are weak, they allow themselves to be slaves to force, I wish to be its master and with the mastery over the force a Lord over all those who are weaker than I! I wish to become a Dark Lord of the Sith, to be greater than Lord Vadar, more powerful than the Emperor. To make the spirit of Exar Kun tremble at the mere presence of my name. I wish to become a living Diety!"

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    ::Saharia listened but did not step out fo the shadows::

    You believe you can control the force, become it's 'master'? The force is not something you can completely control in the way you expressed, and even then it is still a partnership with the darkness. Being one with darkness.
    Be sure we do not take kindly any jedi, even jedi who have deserted their own to come to the side of truth. You will have to prove much.

    ::Half smiling she walked out of the shadows a bit more, and nodded in a not friendly, yet not icy manner. A look that might consider but not approve, for this man had not proven anything yet. Perhaps they would have a new member. The hatred off this man's words, or more so the power he wished to weild over others was certainly there, but there was an element he had been missing completely. Perhaps one of the most important elements there were.::

    Welcome to The Sith Empire, those who serve the darkness and fight against the light, the jedi. Those who wish to join pledge their loyalty, their lives and their skills to the Empire in return of being a member and recieving training and in the long run: allies that will last as long as loyalty to your empire lasts. Do you have this loyalty? Will you give the Empire everything you have, now and in the long run, in return for the power you wish to gain? If you do not have this loyalty or will not give any to the empire you may walk out and never come back.


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      "Loyalty? An interesting concept, not one that I am as familiar with as maybe I should be, for I have spent my life loyal to only myself. I have never sought after something to be loyal too, and yet there has always been something lacking, something that drives me even more so than my ambition. If you can truly help me achieve my unlimited potential you will not be sorry, for though I do not have many allies, those that I do have are well repaid for their assitance to me and so it shall be with the empire. Your teachings and power, in exchange for my untapped abilities and unwavering loyalty."

      Although it was clear that the young man was self-serving, he did not lie in his speech. He would serve the empire, if at first as a soldier and a grunt and later if the fates allowed as a Master or Dark Lord. It was a sacrafice he was willing to make, loyalty to others in exchange for knowledge and power.

      "You seek proof of my power. Test me, if you can not sense my abilities."


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        A smirk came across the face of Magus, standing off in a darkened corner of the Registration Area. His bright green eyes shined in the darkness, the only visible feature of him. The smirk turned into a soft chuckle as he took a few steps towards the newcomer.

        "Master of the Force, hmm? With arrogance like that, young one, it will get you no where fast."

        Folding his arms across his chest, Magus's head tilted slightly.

        "Arrogance such as yours just might get you killed faster than it will get you power. You should consider your actions and speech first. You have much to learn here if you want to become a Dark Lord as you say, young one."

        Another chuckle came from Magus, a sadistic grin spreading over his lips.

        "That is, if you make it into the Empire in the first place."


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          "He's right."

          *A female voice rang from the back as Nikka stood and watched the newcomer.*

          "It doesn't matter if we're a master of the Dark Side or a novice such as myself, nobody considers themselves superior to the one standing next to them in these parts."


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            Undaunted by the comments the young man stands tall. He knows that they want to see if his will can be broken or if he is truly worthy of their teachings.

            "My ambition and arrogance comes from my abilities but I am no fool. I have no visions of grandeur about being superior to any of you for I know it will only get me killed as you say. I have not even learned to build a light saber, what match would I be for any of you until I am properly armed and trained in the ways of using it. But if you train me I know I will become a Master of the Dark Side, just as you have done. And with these new powers I will use my ambition and strength to drive the Empire to greater heights and allow us to tighten our grip over all our dominions."

            The young man stood with his arms outstretched at his side opening himself up to any attack, still showing no fear in his stormy eyes. Rather there was fire, fire that comes from the realization that one may be close to taking the first step to realizing their full potential and mastering their destiny.

            "Again, I say continue your questioning. Test me in any way you feel I must prove myself. If I am found lacking, strike me down." And with a sudden change of tone from dead seriousness to a bit of sarcasm. "Allow your apprentices to use me to practice their force chokes, if nothing else."


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              Talus felt a great pressure on his windpipe, a crushing sense that left him almost incapable of breathing. Slowly the ancient Sith Lord glided from behind the pillar he had listened to events so far from.

              "Why let an apprentice practise, when you can have a Sith lord deprive you of the oxygen your sarcastic mouth needs to asborb for your pitiful heart to work,"

              DarkStar released his hold and alowed the man to breath again. He sneer at him.

              "You seem to command us to continue your questioning, what is to stop me striking you down this instant for you impertance?"

              Without waiting for an answer DarkStar smashed his knee into Talus's stomach, then drove his elbow into the man's back. Driving him to his knees.

              "There, a more fitting possition for you to adress you're betters from,"

              The ancient Sith commented calmly,

              "Now, tell me, what is the DarkSide to you?"


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                Wheezing the young man stayed down, he had not lied when he said he wasn't a fool, he knew better than to rise against a Sith Lord when he had been commanded to stay down. On bended knee he answered quickly, for though he had been knocked down he wasn't going to give in.

                "As you command my lord. What is the Dark Side to me you ask? Everything, for without darkness there can be no light, there is no day without the night. You may snuff out a candle, but darkness always remains it is there waiting in the shadows, the cool icy grip around your throat when you are afraid. It is power and power is truth, so it is truth. The Dark Side, my lord, is the only absolute in the universe."

                Talus kneeled his head, a rage was building inside him. He was a fool in his own mind, he said that he wouldn't dare challenge a Sith Lord because he would be defeated, but in his arrogance he had done just that. Even if he was not accepted into the Empire he had learned a valuable lesson, you must be humiliated before you can begin to comprehend true hate. And with that hate comes more strength in the Dark Side, just as he was feeling now as his pulse slowed and his breathing became regular again. He was ready to continue, but he would say nothing again until commanded to do so.


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                  DarkStar's face remained expressionless as he listened to the answer. He gave no indication of wether the answer pleased him or not. He began to circle the man, with slow, echoing steps.

                  "Your thoughts betray you to me young one, becareful what you think..."

                  The ominious threat's meaning was clear, hatred had no place here, the answers the Sith Lord expected were to be clear and well thought out, not rash and said in rage.

                  "Let us, for a moment, assume you have been accepted into the Empire, you will now recieve training in the Dark arts, you will become more powerful than you have ever imagined. What has the Empire gained from this though? What can you bring to the Empire that we could possibly want?"

                  The ancient Sith Lord's echoing foot steps continued their slow circle around the young man on his knees.


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                    The young man kept his head down, focusing himself on the question that Lord Dagger had asked him. He must answer this honestly and with intelligently. Without so much as a stutter he spoke:

                    "Loyalty..." He paused, he would not waste a single sound on anything that was not an answer to Lord Dagger's question. "Unwavering, unyeilding loyalty, My lord. A zealot who will stop at nothing to further the cause of the Empire."

                    The young man's hate was waning, the anger he felt towards himself for allowing himself to be thrown off guard was now being turned into respect for Lord Darkstar. He saw what the Empire could do it could make a man this powerful enough so that he could drive Talus to his knees without so much as a bead of sweat. This is what he strived to become.


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                      DarkStar chuckled

                      "That you strive to become as me is flattering but flattery will get you no where with question remains unanswered though, what use is a zelot to us? We have stormtroopers who will die at but a word from us, what sets you appart from them? What makes you so special that we should even concider your application?"

                      DarkStar continued to pace around the young man, studing him and listening not only to what was said and what wasn't said but also to the mans thoughts.


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                        "My abilities? For one strength, even though you handled me like a little child, I still have the strength to speak and if my lord will allow stand. Not only that I learn quickly, have I not displayed my ability to understand my surroundings and know what I must do to survive. Most would have risen to their feet immediately if they still had the strength to do so after your display, but I knew that to survive I had to listen to you my lord. As for other skills, I am able to wield a light saber and hold my own although I do not have a blade of my own and my only experience was in sparring with others. I can point and squeeze a blaster, although there are not many times when I would use such a crude weapon. I am already strong in the ways of the physical, telekinetic, force, although with training from a master I would become stronger. Other than that my lord, I have a background in chemistry or as the masters of the dark arts like to refer to it, alchemy."

                        Talus kept his head down and then spoke again; "And I bring ambition my lord, for my path to the Dark Side is not fueled by the loss of others, I never had anyone to begin with, rather I'm fueled by ambition to become greater than I allready am, to be a part of something that is greater than the sum of its parts, you speak of the stormtroopers who would sacrifice their lives for the cause but in the process of sacraficing their lives my lord would they lash out even after their arms or legs wouldn't move any more, would they use every once of their life force, ignoring all pain to destroy that which threatened the Empire, for my path is allready chose my lord, I will walk the Dark Side and in death for me is only oblivion so I will cling to life like a wounded animal and destroy all that would dare try to take that from me. And if chosen for the empire, it would be the very life that I would defend, because without the Empire, my life is the oblivion."


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                          A small smile touched the lips of the Sith Lord then was gone, he continued his slow pace, finally coming to a stop infront of the young man.

                          "Let us concider then, for a moment, that you have joined me on one of my rancor hunting expoditions. For some reason you are seperated from the rest of the group and confronted by a lone adult rancor, you are equiped with a blaster, a lightsabre and whatever Force powers you currently posses, as meger as i'm sure they must be...what would you do?"

                          DarkStar folded his arms across his chest and watched the man with his piercing, cold green eyes.

                          OOC/Please e-mail me at [email protected] i would like to speak to you\IC


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                            "My Lord, I know that with my current abilities now as much as I believe them to be great that I would not stand a chance against an adult Rancor, my abilites do however allow me to call out to others adept in the force and also give me the ability to create simple yet effective distractions."

                            Talus paused, he was learning more from his questioning than he had in his short life. He needed this, the training that the Empire had to offer and the comrades. There was a sense of trust that he could feel amongst the Sith gathered here, this was not the same "only out for myself" cult that the Jedi had potrayed them to be, rather this was a cohesive unit in which all the parts had a rhyme and reason in the greater whole that was the Empire. He had been shown by Lord Darkstar that his fledgling powers were nothing compared to that which the Sith here possesed and that it would only come from becoming a part of this unit that he would be able to ever hope to achieve such strength and in the process a place in the universe.

                            ""Lord Darkstar I would attempt to use this simple trick of distraction to turn the beasts attention away from myself and then call out to you for aid. My blaster would be useless, unless I was lucky enough to blind the creature with it and my limited saber skills would not be enough to save me from the beast's charge. I would not flee from the beast, I would do my best to evade until you and our comrades arrived to deal with the creature is this not why we hunt Rancor in packs my lord?"

                            Talus, swallowed hard, he had never admitted, not even to himself that he might ever need help, but in the few short hours since he had arrived at the Hall, he had learned that he did need others and hopefully someday they might need him.


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                              :: Kekoa stood near the side wall of the Council room and listened to all what this recruit had to say. Suddenly, on the newcomer’s reply to the Rancor test ”to use this simple trick of distraction to turn the beasts attention away”, Kekoa walks towards the recruit, as he looks at the Sith Warrior approaching him. Kekoa shakes her head and senses this newcomer needs to learn so many more things. She was not at all impressed with the newcomer’s attitude or act. Kekoa halts her forward motion and looks upon the knelt being, as she tells him that, “The Rancor is a primary Predator and extremely difficult or impossible even for a Sith Master to communicate or persuade via the Force. You would not able to do this newcomer, even if you claim you could." ::

                              :: Kekoa pauses for a second and continues, "I am Sith Warrior, Kekoa Alkarin. What is your name? What species are you, even though you are genetically engineered? And where do you come from?”::

                              :: The tall Sith woman briefly knelt on one knee before the Sith Lord. She quickly rose again to stand nearby Sith Lord DarkStar and the kneeling recruit ::