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Wishing to join the sith empire

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  • Wishing to join the sith empire

    A Young man, about 16 years old and about 5'11, waks into the middle of the room,Wearing a black tunic and brown hair said:

    "I Wish to join the empire..and heighten my skills so i can Help the empire destroy its enemies" the young man said, his Green eyes looking into the shadows

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    Xavier slowly walks out of the shadows, throwing back the bottom edges of his trenchcoat, the hilt of the double-bladed light saber being revealing as he tosses the leather back. He crosses his arms over his chest slowly.

    "And what could you bring to the Empire, newcomer? How could YOU help us?"


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      "i can fight really well..and im really force sensitive" The young man says..


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        Xavier smirks slightly and starts to slowly circle the man.

        "Everyone in the Empire can fight well and everyone in the Empire is Force sensitive. Again I ask.. how could you help us? How are you difference from other pathetic little creatures that come in here?"


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          "i can lend my skills as a Hacker..and im pretty good at stealth" the young man says..


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            Xavier smirks and shakes his head slightly.

            "In my opinion you need to reconsider your choice of attempting to join. But it is not my decision. You must wait for a council member."


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              The Young man said nothing..only nodded