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    A girl walks in, with wild dark hair and green eyes, and a wiry frame. She carries herself like someone who knows exactly how important she is, and it's very important. She feels oddly comfortable here, and she is suprised by that. The girl's eyes dart around, waiting. She knows the Force, she knows how to use it, she wants to be more powerful. She doesn't want to wait. She knows what she wants.

    "I am Khai-Haisley Craig. I have come to serve," she says in a clear voice that carries.


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    Klis was leaning against a wall, flipping through another dull book. His attention was caught by the young lady's voice.
    He turns, his florescent orange eyes glowing softly in the darkness.


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      Why should they take her, not why she wanted to be taken? Interesting question.

      "I have something behind the face," said Khai-Haisley. It was true, anyway. She knew she was clever, people had told her this inadvertantly through their actions. She knew she had power in the force, people had told her this. She knew she was a fair hand with weapons, and she hoped this would be enough. She had wanted this for a long time.


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        "Oh..? Do explain..."

        Brigid McKnight crossed her arms over her chest and sneered at the newcomer. Walking from the shadows, she came to stand beside Klis... though her gaze came to rest upon the girl.


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          Klis' eyes had shimmered with an intruiged look. His lips slowly curled to be a grin. He liked her answer, it was simple, but it was insulting and quick witted.
          He stood silently beside Brigid, awaiting the answer to her question.


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            Khai-Haisley looked at the woman and the man evenly. ''I have a brain, and a mind, both work well, I have ability in the force and I have ability with weapons of many kinds. I learn quickly and well, I can be loyal and I can be an asset."

            If this answer had been said by anyone other than Khai-Haisley Craig it might have sounded arrogant, but she was being frank, not pretentious.


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              Klis placed his hand on his chin, pushng it to the right, a few pops echoing from his neck.
              He turned his eyes back to the newcomer. Slowly stepping forward, circling her, examining her structure, posture, muscles, etc.
              "You can be an asset? How so? Are you saying that the Empire needs another warrior to add to the buffer zone between the master's of the Sith and the Jedi?"


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                Brigid nodded and smirked... that was all well and good.. tilting her head back, she puzzled a moment and than waited for the girl's reply to Klis's reasonable and witty question...


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                  She met their gazes strongly, respect in some back area of the green orbs. "I never said they needed it, but perhaps I wish too. You see, I want to become powerful. I want to become a strong force of darkness. I want to increase the Sith's and the Empire's power and I want to be part of it. To obtain, I wish to join. I know if I train here I can fofill my wants."


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                    "But why come here...? Not TSO?"

                    She asked quietly and gave her a questioning look.


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                      "I believe I can become better here. I believe this place can help me become what I wish better than any other," answered Khai-Haisley simply.


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                        Klis sat silently, letting Brigid gives questions for a moment, listening closely to each question and each answer. He tried to bend the words, to complicate them, make life hard for the newcomer.
                        He wanted to find the question that really made her think.
                        "What fuels your anger? What fuels your hate? What makes you want to become better, what purpose do you have for coming here?"


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                          "My spirit fuels my anger, my mind fuels my hate, I came here to find my destiny."

                          She could sense he was going to make it harder for her and she did not grudge his actions. She simply needed to do this, and if she could get in the easy way, sure, but the hard way was more prominent.


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                            Klis nods, he slowly undoes the shoulder straps that lace around his mouth, revealing his pale thin lips, his skin whiter than could be natural.
                            "I see.. Now, you said you had skills in weapons. What kind of weapons? What can you do?"
                            He backs into a pillar, kicking his right foot against it, leaning his full weight on the structure-hold.
                            "Show me your potential."


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                              Khai-Haisley ticked the weapons off on her hand.

                              "Blaster, swords, saber, martial arts, and I can learn quickly and well any other weapon one could teach me."