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  • A New Begining

    Oni enters the great Sith Empire Headquarters Recruiting center in his Black Gi he is aged 19 a young warrior who has his own ambition and sees alot of people walk past by him and waits until someone will call him as he sits down and oberseves the enitre surroudings.

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    "Come forth."

    A voice called the man from the shadows. Though he could not see the man behind the voice, he knew that the command was to be followed.

    "Why have you come?"


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      As Oni hears the words he decides to follow the order which is given and as he stops he says " I have come here to become a true Darksider and learned the meaning of the Darkside and I want to be feared throughout the entire universe as he looks around but shows no fear.


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        *A soft chuckle could be barely heard in the room as a Sith Lord sat, watching the newcommer. How humorous it was, the Empire was to lose one called "Oni" and gain another. However, the fresh wounds in his brother's heart would be a reason for Raine to keep Sith Lord Darth Varlon from seeing this recruit. Enough of an insult that his wife should have to die, but a male coming in with the same was just too much. There was a movement in the shadows and the fading of a soft, maddened laugh as the Sith Lord ran off to make sure his fellow Lord stayed away.*


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          *Xenodoros looked at the newcomer. Stepping forward to move away from the shadows, he revealed his face. The icy blue eyes showing no emotion whatsoever. Xenodoros slender lips opened to say the following words:*

          "May I ask why you want to be feared by all? Why does this mean so much to you?"

          *He stepped back to let him project his voice*


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            I want to avenge the death of my family and also seek power and ambition to crush those who were involved with the death of my family.


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              "And what then?"
              Jodah stepped froth from the shadows, questioning the recruit. "What after you gain your revenge? Will you go about your life, abandon the dark arts? Or will you devote yourself to the Sith? Revenge comes easily; it is the time after you should wonder about."


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                Lina stood silently behind Jodah, but in the shadows, taking a glance towards the hopeful. Her ice cold eyes shimmering within the centre's light. The Sith Warrior had made his point quite clear and true ..


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                  I will not withdraw from the Darkside and I have my own ambition to fill and take my fathers place and I can do this I am determined to accomplished it and not gived up.


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                    *Xenodoros spoke once more, again to ask another question. Still in the shadows, his voice was heard as he said:*

                    "Many have said the same, but have not kept their word. How will we know that you will?"


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                      I have my own Ambition to fill and I will plead my loyalty to the Sith Empire and I will do anything asked to be part of The Sith Empire.


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                        .."Actions speak better than words of ones loyalty. If accepted, your vows must be proven in accumulated battles against our enemies. Mind you, this is only one area of the test."..


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                          Oni glances as he sees Zena and heeds her words " A test to prove ones loyalty against the other hmmmmmm I fear nothing and im not afraid to take on any challenge gived to me but though I too will not fail.


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                            "Overconfidence can lead to a premature demise. Never underestimate your enemy. Find his weakness, as a crucial analysis of your opponent in battle shall lead to ones victory." Zena paused, recalling she was like this at her beginning.

                            "Many overzealous apprentices have secured their fates. Their bones are scattered across the training grounds as a visiable reminder of what can befall the careless. Are you willing to face the arduous tests of this regime without question?"


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                              Overzealous am I and I dont consider myself to rush quickly into a fight or battle and it would be foolish If I did and I will take my time when it is necessary but for now I hope to be accepted within the Sith Empire.