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    A young woman entered the room and went straight for the middle. She closed her eyes and allows her other senses to take over. She'd already learned how to use the force to detect others. So while she could not see them and unless they were masking their presence she knew where they were.

    KC is above average in height, lean and muscular. She has a head of shoulder length, brown hair, which is often pulled back. She stood there peacefully awaiting a response, knowing that there would be one of two outcomes. Either she was accecpted or she went home. For her, however she would accept only one of them. Home was not an option. Not because they had been killed, but because she told her family what she was planning and they disowned her.

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    "Well, don't just stand there. Tell us your name and why you've come here."

    *The dark, feminine voice emanated from the darkness as Nikka spoke, then she appeared in front of the woman, awaiting her responce.*


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      .. Perhaps, lady Darkstorm, she Has arrived simply to stand around.. I've heard word around here that the new recruits have been running out of live ones to practice their force chokes on..

      *With his naturally quiet and calm voice, the Sith Lord made it impossible to know if he was kidding or not..*

      ... But still, it would be good to know your intentions.. So tell us, are you here as fresh meat or not?


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        Lina smirked a bit, and watched on from the shadows, studying the hopeful's every move ..


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          KC was not suprised as she suddenly heard once voice request her name and intentions, and then another respond with a quip about force chokes. However she could not tell by the tone of his voice if he was kidding, one could only assume in this case, but KC knew assumption could get her into trouble. So she refused to assume anything. He then also requested her intentions.

          "I am KC Fontana. I have come here to join this great Empire and learn the ways of the Sith." She said with utmost confidence.


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            Xavier steps out of the shadows slowly, tossing the bottom edges of his trenchcoat back before crossing his arms over his chest.

            "And why do you wish to do that? What makes you think you're good enough?"


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              KC listened as one stepped from the shadows however she did not turn to face him.

              "To do otherwise is foolish. Any other group is inferior to this Empire. I am not the best by any means, however I will strive to be the best I can. Of course you probably hear such a reply from everyone who enters. All I know is I have the desire and will to do what is necessary."


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                Klis stepped fourth from a doorway, stuffing his face with some sort of food made from bread.. or something.
                The disciple tried to dignify himself, wiping his mouth clean, lacing his cover around his mouth. Setting his hat snugly on his head.
                With a clearing of his throat, he spoke.
                "Oh Goodie.. another person who will strive to be the best.."
                Klis leaned against a wall, even though he was a mere disciple, he liked to rub it in.
                "We're not looking for another member of the buffer zone that places the Sith Master's and the Jedi Master's a few feet further apart. The Empire seeks talent."
                Klis massages his eyes with his right hand index finger and thumb.
                "Don't strive to be the best. BE, the best. What talents do you have with weapons, dar'lin? Or can you do any nifty tricks?"


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                  "I have good aim with a blaster, and I'm a great pilot." KC didn't want to tell them yet that she knew where they all were. However they had probably already figured that out.

                  "Beyond that I'm just the average person. I'm working on learning more to be the best I can. Which is why I came here."


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                    Klis thinks for a moment.
                    "So... You wouldn't care if we all just up and left you here right now?"
                    He adjusted his cover.
                    "Why should we even continue wasting our time, asking you questions?"
                    He cleared he thought.
                    "You have to motivate me baby. You gotta make me run shout and scream. 'I want this girl in the Empire!'"
                    Klis crouches low to the ground, his left hand holding him balanced.
                    "Tell me what drives the hatred inside of you... What gives you the constant.. Burning.. to slaughter those who oppose you?"


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                      *Nikka stifled a laugh at Klis' comment and remained silent while keeping the wry grin on her face.*



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                        "Well, if you all left right now I'd stand here and wait for someone to come back. I don't give up easily. If no one came back, I'd still stand here. Until I die if necessary. As for the hatred that drives me, that is to prove my family and everyone else wrong that I can become better than they are, better than they want to be. I'm tired of living in that backward, screwed up hole in the ground. Yea sure I could get a job as a freighter pilot, or something else, but I want more. I don't want to be jjust a pilot or whatever. As for other talents, I don't know. Back home they didn't want me to see what all I could do. They would punish me everytime I did something out of the ordinary." She said, a little angrily at recalling things done to her in her youth.


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                          Klis nods, listening to her go on. He massages his eyes, thinking of the next question.
                          "Alright... Now.. this is off the previous subject... but it happens."
                          He goes silent, thinking of how to word it.
                          "Imagine, if you will. You have a loving handsome husband. One two or three, up to you, Beautiful children."
                          His brains stops speaking for a moment, letting this little bit of information seek in.
                          "Now. You've been in the empire for a few years. You're a sith knight. Remember this is all theological. Say you've been ordered to slay all member of your family, for the Empire."
                          His orange eyes intensify a little bit, his gaze piercing right through Miss. Fontana.
                          "Would you do it?"


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                            "If I had a family as you describe they would be made to understand while I love them as a wife and a mother, the empire would come first. So if asked to kill them I would." She replied, wondering what that reply would make them think of her.