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Sounds interesting... I think I'll give it a shot...

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  • Sounds interesting... I think I'll give it a shot...

    He slowly advanced into the room and immediately realized that the area was rather dark. He had spiked blond hair and light-blue eyes, and was wearing a red set of shirt and pants, but other than his casual clothing there were the exceptions: shoulderpads and gauntlets of futuristic design, with leather gloves and boots also of a peculiar look. A small grin drew across his face as he glanced around. For some strange reason, he felt comfortable here.

    He approached the Council just as slowly as he entered, and remembering his formalities he bowed to them.

    "If it pleases the lot of you I would like to make a request to join The Sith Empire. I am willing to answer any questions you may have about my abilities or otherwise."

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    A dark figure emerged slowly from a corner of the room. A cloak was drapped over his shoulder, concealing all of his body by his face. Magus's green eyes gazed across the room and looked at the newcomer, Ziel.

    "This one looks like he might have potential... Not a lot of the others do," he thought.

    Magus allowed a slight smile to slide along his lips, folding his arms over his cloak. Only time would tell if he really has what it takes to be in the Sith Empire.


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      Lina gave a gentle smile to the newcomer. Half of her face covered by her dark blood-red hair. A blue eye shimmered through the other half, as she studied him.

      "May the council smile upon you newcomer."

      She crossed her arms over her chest. Usually she would question most of the hopeful, but she awaited to see what this one was really about ...


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        He turned to face the woman who had just addressed him and nodded slowly.

        "Thank you..."

        That was all he could say. Judging by the name of the Empire and the possible reputation that could come from it he had no idea that some of the people here could be so courteous to newcomers. In fact, he seemed almost trustworthy after that one simple comment.

        Perhaps I'm expecting too much of myself, he thought. These people don't even know who I am or where I come from, and yet they seem... cordial. I should be careful until I am accepted... IF I am accepted.

        He turned back to the council, awaiting their decision with a patience he hadn't felt in years. He wanted to make a good impression, he supposed.


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          Lady Jezebella stepped out of the shadows behind the newcomer and arched a single dark brow. Approaching him, she crossed her well built arms over her chest and tilted her head to the side.

          She had seen many pass through those doors... what made this one different?

          "Why do you wish to join?"


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            He turned to face the woman who had just spoken to him. He should have guessed that this would have been the first question: Why?

            "I have come here in search of power. To my understanding this Sith Empire is capable of supplying me with the power that I seek. I've heard about this Force that people speak of, and I wish to learn how to utilize it. I am inexperienced along the lines of the Force, but my abilities otherwise are exceptional, so I believe..."

            As soon as he had mentioned that he had no experience with this "Force" he wasn't sure he was going to make it in. He felt he was a fast learner, and that if he had understood magic and other like forces in other worlds he had been to, this couldn't be too hard... Could it?

            "... Other than the subject of power, I understand that this organization is composed of many people. I need allies at this rate, for I will admit that I am new to this part of the universe. A group of powerful allies is what I am looking for, and hopefully the Sith Empire will accept me so that I won't feel so strange. I hope I have effectively answered your question."


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              Her intent panther-like gaze searched his. Arching her other brow, she let one hand drop down to her hip as she stepped a bit closer

              "What kinds of weapons are you able to handle?"


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                He held back a very wide grin. These were the questions he was hoping for.

                "I have been taught to use many different kinds of weapons, but my specialty is, undoubtedly, the sword. I have mastered the art of using many different types of swords and can handle any of them with great ease. Regardless of size, I can make the most out of whatever speed any blade has."

                Perhaps he was bragging a bit too much. His power had greatly diminished over a rather short amount of time but his skills were still at his top-end. Still, he had no idea how powerful this "Force" was, therefore he couldn't say very much along the lines of his power. Regardless, he had still maintained his skill with the sword, and was always happy to know that his was still with him just in case he had needed to defend himself while wandering about this strange new world.


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                  Jezebella sneered toward the grin that spread across his face. Bragging was a weakness in her eyes.... she had learned that arrogance was to be broken down in further conflicts.. and if the council smiled upon this one... he would have a long way to go.

                  Smirking slightly, she nodded and shifted her little weight to her left side

                  "Very well. What else do you have to offer the empire other than your skill?"


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                    Xavier smirks slightly as he steps out from the shadow and looks at the newcomer.

                    "Heh... there is a difference between swords and lightsabers, young one. You mess up with a sword, you get cut. You mess up with a lightsaber you lose a limb. So don't thing just because you can handle a sword that you can handle a saber."


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                      The grin faded from his face. Obviously these people weren't satisfied with just his skill, as he should have guessed. He was slowly becoming like Maxus, who he hadn't known for very long but he did know that he was the most arrogant of the bunch. He tried to be a bit more modest as he spoke.

                      "As I have said before, I have no idea where I am. Therefore, because I don't know where I am or how to get home, I have no choice but to remain here. Therefore I suppose it only makes sense for me to devote my entire life to this place. I have found no other place that I could enjoy and possibly be accepted in to at the same time."

                      He seriously had nothing else left along the lines of returning home. He was stuck here for good. The Sith Empire was the only thing that appealed to him thus far. This, as far as he was considered, would be his new home, should he make it in, therefore he had no choice but to devote to the Empire whatever he had left.

                      OoC: The reference to Maxus is from Ziel's life in another world. I just wanted to cover that to keep anyone from becoming confused.


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                        A deep voice arose from behind the newcomer, and he jumped slighty at the tone. He looked to see a tall man, whom the shadows seemed to wrap around, and encompas, even in the light.

                        "What is your name?"

                        A simple question, one that had previously been unasked.


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                          It was a simple question, but it only made sense. He probably should have introduced himself earlier but he would have preferred to wait in this situation.

                          "My name is Ziel. At least, that's what I was told. I am suffering from amnesia regarding a very large majority of my past, so I understand."

                          Other than the details, it was a simple answer to a simple question, he thought. He decided to wait for further questioning before saying too much else.


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                            "Tell me of what you do remember of your past then."


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                              Ice blue eyes came through the darkness to rest upon the newcomer. No memory.... well at least I'm not the only one... she thought to herself. Stepping forward a bit, she nodded toward other TSE members and than to Ziel.