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A new member willing to join the Sith.

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  • A new member willing to join the Sith.

    ::A tall man (about 6'5,175lbs.) wearing a red trenchcoat (Which has a blood drop on the back, with angels wings on either side.) walks into the middle of the room and looks all around him into the shadows smirking to himself says.::

    I wanted to join the Empire. And bring my skills to better the Empire and in return learn to strengthen my abilities for the common goal of the Empire, Under the apprenticeship of a Sith Master.

    ::The man turns around once again his eyes flashing a cold blue gleam into the shadows.The man then brushes his blue hair from his eyes.::

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    .."A bold request!".. Shot a husky voice from the veil of the shadows.

    Zena ambled towards the prospective recruit, her unforgiving gaze fixated on his facade, ingesting his essence as a Rancor would its prey at the kill. Before giving her name, she barked a series of questions with her usual militaristic bearing, acquired in her past as a sergeant with the reputed Red Moons.

    .."There are several ranks in the Sith Empire whom train as masters. What makes you think a Sith Master would train you? That is...if you were to be accepted. Or do you not know of this?"..

    The Sith warrior circled the new arrival, measuring him up with a practiced eye.

    .."Where did you receive this speck of blood?"..

    She flicked it off his tunic, disciphering whether it be of animal or man, motioning to face him once again.

    .."Were you in a recent battle? For that matter, what skills do you possess for warfare? Are you willing to place yourself under the adept tutelage of a Master, and pledge your loyalty to TSE, even if you should succumb to your fate, savoring your last breath in battle?"..

    Zena unsheathed Serpent's Fang from its nesting scabbard; one of the 3 weapons she carried with her, as she swiftly delivered the flat of the Mandalorion iron blade to his throat in a gray metallic blur. She waited for his reaction, her arctic blue eyes boring through his very soul.

    .."Unsuspecting fools are exterminated daily by the members of this notorious regime. Your reflexes must be honed to their zenith. Arduous exercises await the new apprentices which sometimes ensues with their lives, if they should err in their counter strikes. Their carcasses decorate the training grounds as an incentive to steer clear of careless mistakes. What say you of all this?"..


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      *Nikka was silently applauding Zena's interview with the newcomer with a wide smirk on her face as she watched from within the Recruitment Chambers. Remaining against the wall among the shadowy corners of the room, Nikka's arms folded across her chest as she awaited the man's reply.*

      "I gotta hear this."


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        Lina chuckled quietly at Zena's questions. She gave a nod to Nikka .. this was getting rather interesting for once. She grinned evilly, wondering how the hopeful could answer these ..

        Hehe, I think I'll stick around for this ..


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          :: The tall Sith Warrior stands nearby the others and gazes upon the recruit within the Recruiting Area. Surrounded like predators ready to pounce on prey, Kekoa grins and listens, as Sith Warrior Zena started the interrogation with multiple questions. Kekoa was pleased to hear another use similar tactics, as she did in tearing out information from potential members. Kekoa slightly nods to Sith Warrior Zena, Sith Disciple Nikka, and Sith Disciple Lina. Then, the young Sith woman waits briefly to cast in many questions of her own. ::


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            ::Ashard looks at the blade and looks back up into the ladys eyes. His eyes a little darker blue then before, but nothing else about him different.::

            &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Well not only do I have excellent tracking skills,I also have a extensive knowledge of both melee and long ranged weapons from daggers and lightsabres to blaster pistols and Ion cannons.
            I also have also trained myself to use my senses independently from each other, as well as with each other making myself able to detect certain things without other things interfering with my work.
            Also because of this it makes it easily to infiltrate say a base or area without being noticed. all this making me a finely tuned combatant.
            But with help from a Sith Master I could learn to use the force and become even greater.

            ::Ashard glances down to the droplets of blood on the ground looking back at you with a slight grin, his lips pressed together.::

            &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp As for the blood....It was from a recent battle.
            A gift...from a fallen enemy of mine.
            A enemy in which I promised I would not rest until the cold steel of my blade found the warmth of his heart.
            And I always keep my word....

            ::Ashard face grows serious again and the grin fades once again.::

            &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Speaking about promises and keeping your word on it.
            As you can see I obviously keep my word.
            And I promise to uphold a loyalty to TSE unlike no other.
            being tutored is not a problem with me, If it helps build on my skills,
            and make me stronger so that one day I may help TSE in a time of need.
            I see no reason why I'm not a fit candidate to be Sith Master Apprentice.

            ::Ashard's eyes return to there normal marble blue color as he looks at the women a slight hint of annoyance and anger visible in them.::


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              A broad smile tugged at her lips.

              .."I sense much anger in you...Good, you will need it."..

              Zena sheathed her sword back in its scabbard, freeing the cool metal from his skin.

              " your word I see you are not without competence in holding your own in battle. I am however intrigued; you speak of a 6th sense which enables you to see like the Force, to become a stealthy agent against your enemies. Were you born with this attribute? If not, who taught you this skill, as well as the others you claim to have practiced?"

              Zena paused, acknowledging her fellow comrades of the Sith Empire with a brief nod.

              .."If your request is accepted, you will prove your vows by actions, not words. Only then, will your loyalty be accepted as truism."..

              Stepping back, she awaited for the others to interrogate the new arrival. She spoke to her fellow warrior Kekoa, and the Disciples, Nikka and Lina, via the Force.

              Confident this one..But let's see if he can back himself up with added pressure. I sense impatience in him, perhaps riddling him with more questions will break his diligence.


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                Lady Jezebella crouched down in shadows and watched the newcomer... this one was different... but that did not make him worthy. Cracking her neck, she narrowed her eyes and slammed a fist down onto the cold floor



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                  ::Ashard glances around the room, Looking through the shadows smirking.stopping when he makes a complete turn::

                  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp You all can come out from hiding.
                  I've known you all were there the second I entered.
                  Heard every word,Seen every movement.

                  ::Ashard turns to the women peering at her::

                  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp These powers I have, I've had them since birth.
                  My father was also my teacher.Showing me how to use and hone them.He trained me to my full potential.Surpassing even him at the mere age of 10.Think about that, A ten year old who could kill fully trained adult warriors.But the Jedi, They want peace.Not having to use the Force to there full capability...making them weak.

                  ::Ashard face grows serious once again.::

                  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp I suppose either you or one of your friends have some more questions to ask me. I can stay here as long as it takes for you to ask me questions. I have no where else to go.

                  ::Ashard looks at the women waiting for her to reply.::


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                    .." Respect, must also be expected of all members in TSE. My comrades are not hiding, as you so bluntly put it. They are waiting their turn with you."

                    Her eyes narrowed coldly on him harboring a brassy demeanor.

                    .."You appear to act like you should be accepted, merely by the account of your experiences in battle you proclaim, as well as that uncanny sense you speak of. The Sith Empire seeks apprentices of many fine qualities that would warrant their approval to be selected into its ranks, not just skills alone...mind you."..

                    Zena nodded to the others, indicating she had concluded her part of the interrogation.

                    .."I am Zena, by the way...A member of the Council will soon approach you, if they should deem you fit for an apprentice in this powerful Empire."..


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                      :: Sith Warrior Kekoa listens to the recruit’s answers and then took over the interrogating after Sith Warrior Zena seemed to be finished. Kekoa noted that the newcomer had yet to show the proper respect to any of her comrades presence in the Recruit Area. ::

                      :: She was not at all pleased with his attitude. “Personal gifts will only get someone so far in their training, but one’s attitude, dedication, and focus will lead them further.”

                      :: Walking a bit closer to the recruit and stopping mere feet away from him, Kekoa introduced herself and began with her questioning, “I am Sith Warrior Kekoa Alkarin. What is your name? What species are you? Where did you originate from?" Kekoa waited for him to reply to the inquiry. ::


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                        ::Ashard turns to face this new women facing him, And looks at her curiously.::

                        Hello, My Name is Ashard Reyne. I am a Xenomorph from the planet of Xion... I was told this was a excellent place to learn the force for someone into the dark arts.

                        ::Ashard looks into the ladys eyes as his eyes fade in with the shadows and then return.::